Get Teary Eyed with Apple’s ipad pro 3- A Gadget Freak’s High

Everything you need to know about 2018 Next Generation iPad. We have the gadget’s future right here, let’s see what the future of Apple unveils.

It was pretty expected that Apple may come up with something soon after its upcoming launch of iPhone X. Though iPad Pro 12.9 Inch and 10.5 inches are fairly new in the market, here is why I am looking forward to the next generation iPad already-

Here’s why rumor says you should start saving for this big beauty

Depth of the True Depth Camera

This is something that the world is waiting for Apple’s soon to be released Apple iPhone 9X. This is something that leading analysts believe that Apple will include in the next iPad Pro 3.

If you see, then all the high up gadgets with iOS have the true depth camera and that is something Apple is bringing rolling it under through its iPhone X. It targets up to 30,000 points on the target while capture image along with some mind-blowing specs to deliver results like never before.

Face Recognition Under the Hood

(Works with apps like Etrade, bank app Mint and One Password- third-party applications)

  • Goodbye sweaty palms

I know how it is like when the touch response behaves awkwardly. We all love the fingerprint recognition but, is that comfortable all the time for you?

It could be for many but not for you if you work on your iPad most of the time. If you’re working, surfing the internet, streaming or watching movies, etc. All through the same device (iPad saves a lot of time way doesn’t it?) then it could be a bit burdensome.

A lot of times it doesn’t respond well to when the fingertips being a bit sweaty or not being clean or if you are holding something with your hand and trying to create your thumb impression.

  • Security? Checked

There must be a reason why Apple has claimed that there’s only 1 in 1000,000 possibilities that your privacy will be breached by someone else. That’s definitely something you’d want if you do most of your office work on your iPad or are a designing something or are an artist creating something new. Maybe you aren’t any of the above, yet having all your data secured to that extent, is really cool.

Truly, the “Next Generation”

Face recognition. Having it on iPad Pro will be an awesome feature- hands down. No wonder why lots of people are going gaga over it already. Not only will it put the already up Apple way up over its competitors, but also push Android makers to innovate something better to push through their limits. Even if it will be something android won’t bring too quickly, but that leaves us looking up for a lot of improvements in the Android sector and also from Apple’s competitors.

Features We Expected in iPad 3

iPad Pro may be an all-in-one smarty, but it is not a complete replacement for a laptop- as of yet.  

The major issue that if fixed, will resort to the needs of all is the power issue. If Apple deals with this then the flexibility box is nailed and there’s no way it won’t be the talk of the town. If we look at the prices of the Apple Pro iPads, it is pretty up high yet it isn’t a total package to meet all the needs.

Even if this isn’t included in it, the iPad Pro 3 is definitely something that’s been quietly but rapidly bubbling up in the news already. Whatever the tech giant has to offer to us, one thing is sure- Apple never ceases to amaze.

Another improvement that many would like would be water-resistance. It’s expected that one would like to enjoy this feature like many iPhone users do (especially when you’re paying a hefty sum).

When is it arriving?

Now that’s something I can’t predict. Apple has always shown some gap in releasing when it comes to its iPads. The last two 10.5 and 12.9 inches iPad Pro is already trending in the crowd. What we are guessing is that it will be few months into 2018 that Apple might give us some clue about the next-gen iPad.


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