Smart guide to The Next-Gen Apple Watch- Apple iWatch Series 3

We have put together your go-to guide for the iWatch. Here is your Apple’s iWatch Series 3 smart guide, so you are prepared for the gadget future.

Ever since Apple launched its Series 3 iWatch, I was looking forward to seeing how it can add up to my use in daily life. I do love gadgets, especially when it is from the “always-surprising Apple”. Despite knowing how it will help me in my daily running routine, honestly speaking, I was a little hesitant initially. I didn’t want just another “improved” version of my previously owned iWatch series 2. It was a series of the push or pull for a while as I researched about it, that I finally decided to have this little solution on my wrist for most of the time.

Talking about an iWatch, you might be wondering why you have to spend a hefty sum on a little chic-looking smart time-teller. Well, I wouldn’t blame you. I had the same series of thoughts when Apple launched its Series 3 iWatch back this September.

Without wasting time, let’s get straight to the point. Needing an iWatch may not be a “must have” for many gadget lovers or techie freaks. But it could be one of the things that could really be your friend-in-need at various times, especially if you are very much into sports and need a gadget that is not just a solution but also adds up to your style statement.  

Why do you need an iWatch in the first place?

So, your life is a little bit of hustle-bustle. And you do not have much time to shift from one gadget to another. You might be saying, “Apple’s iPhone was already like a total package. It saves me from using too many devices”. Well, it indeed is true– it lets you use all the apps, browse the internet, clubs the features of an iPod, Siri and so on. But despite all of its thick and thin, long and short versions, there is nothing like an iWatch. Here’s why-

Innovation and Clever Designing

Hey, it’s 2017. It’s the age of gadgets. Rather, I’d say it’s the age of solutions. You can wear this watch-like gadget comfortably on your wrist and let it watch you rather you watching it every now and then. The clever designing helps you be carefree about you dropping your device dropping by mistake. (I remember when my iPhone broke last summer. Let’s not get into that.) Isn’t it an amazing solution, to be hassle-free about misplacing or dropping your iPhone or iPod while you are at the gym, working out or jogging or even walking along with a rushing crowd?

Carry it Around Everywhere-rather, Wear it

There is no possibility that you’ll misplace this little smarty. There is no chance that you’ll drop it under your desk or forget it at work or someone touching it while you are not paying attention. It is smart and an elegant addition to your overall look.

Siri is More Than Ever Smart Now

Forget to take your iPhone out in public and to take to Siri. There’s not much fun to use such an amazing feature that way. Your hands are free while you talk to Siri whenever and wherever you want.

Want a better reason? Well, It is the Ultimate Time-saver

If you are reading this you are obviously aware that iWatch is more than a smartwatch telling you about a sunny weather outside or letting you see the current time. As it has always been,

It saves your time by not making you spend time in front of various other devices.

Well for me it sealed the deal. As I am writing right now, my iWatch is showing me my cab is delayed. (And also how it looks like!)

Apple iWatch Series 3- The Vitals

Launch date: 22nd September 2017


  1. Series 3 GPS only
  2. Series 3 GPS and cellular


  1. Series 3 GPS only- Starting Price US $329
  2. Series 3 GPS and cellular- Starting Price US $399

Why Apple iWatch Series 3

I will not boil this down to the nitty-gritty information about what constitutes the insides of the iWatch. I’m sure you don’t want to find out how it was made, either. I will get straight to my reasons why I got this little jogging-partner.

Numero Uno: Be Phone-free

The best thing about the iWatch is that it comes with its own cellular connectivity inside. This means that there are no more reasons as to why you need to carry a phone around most of the time. You can use your data connection wherever you want even when your iPhone is at home. You will not drop it or have to take it out of your pocket every now and then.

Move over iWatch Series 2

As I said earlier I didn’t want just an improved version of any previously launched iWatch. The Series 3 looks just the same as Series 2 but it has indeed rolled in major changes.

You may be thinking that around watch would have done the icing on the cake. Sadly, Apple hasn’t given us that option yet. Though there are some changes that make this light-weighting little genius, my usual statement to don. It has added up LTE support (you can disable this feature in your iWatch by going to the Control center). There have been some additions to the design like the straps, options for colors and also a red dot on the Digital Crown indicating that it a new model. The straps are better than before (Sports Band’s red strap and also the Bordeaux’s Leather Strap of Hermes looks pretty awesome).

Great Call Quality

I haven’t used this feature as regularly as the others but for a week when I was away with my work, I had a series of calls with my trainer. The iWatch worked flawlessly and I haven’t faced any connection issues till date. The microphone has extremely high sensitivity and I didn’t have to bring my device close to my head to talk. The speakers work just fine as the microphone.

Moreover, you can keep your iPhone away at home as you can receive calls without having your sim card in the iWatch.

(Note: The iWatch doesn’t work on an actual sim card but on “E-sim” or Electronic Sim that happens to be just 1% of the actual sim card. To have this feature activated you have to get in touch with these providers who offer watch plans for this in launch-countries)

Speed Under the Hood

What is the deal breaker aspect of the Series 3 Watch is not its LTE or being able to work seamlessly? The best part about the Series 3 iWatch is the Speed. It doesn’t need Wi-Fi Connectivity with the iPhone, nor does it need to have it around. It works at the finest speed that was expected from Apple, especially with the inclusion of the S2 Dual Core Processor.

Highlights of Features

Series 3 GPS only

  • Water resistant (up to 50m)
  • Tracker
  • S3 (Dual Core) Processor
  • Screen Display technology: OLED Retina
  • iMessage (You’ll need an iPhone to send an SMS)
  • Tracks Gain in Elevation (-thanks to the barometric altimeter)
  • Maps, WeChat
  • 8GB
  • Flash Light
  • Voice Response: Siri
  • Battery Life: 18 hours
  • Casings: Aluminum Sports and Nike+
  • Will work with any other iPhone that has been made after the 5s.

Series 3 GPS and Cellular

  • Bigger than the Series 3 GPS only
  • 16 GB
  • Water resistant (up to 50m)
  • Tracker
  • Voice Response: Siri
  • Inbuilt-GPS
  • Screen Display technology: OLED Retina
  • Wi-Fi and 4.2
  • Will have a ceramic back cover
  • Stream 40 million songs from anywhere without your phone
  • Red Dot marking made on the digital crown
  • Casings: Series 2 casings, Aluminum Sports and Nike+, additional options like the stainless steel, ceramic grey & white, Hermes Steel.
  • LTE connectivity
  • Battery Life: 18 hours

Things You May Want To Remember

Well, there has been no issue as such that has made me feel like going back to my older devices. Apart from the similarities with the old version, we are set for the future of watches. Apple has moreover, always given us surprises (iPad, iPhone, iPod and so on). So who knows what we are surprised with, in the near future? Whatever it may be, I’m looking forward to it.


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