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Apple Watch is one of the leading devices for tracking your healthy life. The company believes in innovation and bringing a better tomorrow for you. Therefore, it brings you the brand new operating system for Apple Watch i.e; WatchOS 5. It is set to roll out from September 2018 as a free update to the compatible Watches. Also, you get a series of beta versions in case you want to test it before the market release.

WatchOS 5 is a toolhouse of fascinating features that will help you maintain an active lifestyle. On top of that, health won’t be boring anymore for you. So, let’s have a look at what WatchOS 5 has to offer.

Is WatchOS 5 Compatible with all Apple Watches?

For users of Apple Watch Series 0, the answer is a no. WatchOS 5 is not compatible with this first generation Watch. Apart from that, all other series will reap the benefits of this incredible update.

On the other hand, specific features won’t be available to a few geographical regions. For instance, you will not get the new Walkie-Talkie feature in China, Pakistan or UAE.

watchos 5

Significant Features: So, What’s New For You?

Every big market release equals radical changes and brilliant new features. In this regards, WatchOS 5 is a great example. Following are some of the appealing features coming to you this fall.


According to Apple, phone calls and text messages are old and plain, annoying. Why not brief audio bursts that help you connect to people? Well, the Walkie-Talkie app makes this possible among Apple Watch users. Of course, it’s not a privilege for the Series of customers.

You are probably going to fall in love with the Walkie-Talkie app. Like a real portable radio, you get to direct your response by holding down the Walkie-Talkie button.

For chatting with your friends using this app, you need to open it on your Watch. As you turn on the application, you will see a toggle at the top of the screen. After that, turn on the toggle and have a fun chat with your friends. Not to mention, your friends must also have a WatchOS 5 enabled Apple Watch.

In case you have any questions regarding this entertaining yet useful feature, feel free to connect with our Apple Tech Support.

Any limitations?

You already know that Walkie-Talkie won’t be available in a few countries. Apart from that, the app is currently limited to only one-on-one conversations. Therefore, you can’t have a group conference yet. However, you can expect this feature to improve.

The Podcast App

Similar to the Music app, you get to play and view podcasts with the Podcast app on WatchOS 5. You also get a card-based viewport that helps you navigate through podcast subscriptions.

Astonishingly, the Podcast app is not limited to your Watch’s library. If your iPhone is in the vicinity of your Watch, you can access and play episodes from the phone. What a wow! Also, you get to use Siri for playing any episode that you like.

Automatic Workout Detection

Welcome the gamechanger in the world of health and strength. With WatchOS 5, you get great new algorithms that can automatically detect your lifestyle habits. From your workout routines to food choices, it takes note of everything. Additionally, it gives you subtle reminders in case you skip workout schedules.

New Workout Regimes

Indeed, automatic workout detection is not the only change in the fitness scene. You also get some new workout types like Yoga and Hiking. Apart from that, WatchOS 5 also improved the previous running workout. Now, joggers will get alerts on their speed. Also, they get to know how many miles they covered. This is genuinely motivational for anyone trying to improve or maintain their health conditions. Apple Tech Support will help you optimize your experience with the latest update.

Activity Challenges

Add competition to anything, and you get guaranteed success. To help you achieve your fitness goals, WatchOS 5 brings the Activity Challenges feature. You get to share your activities and invite your friends for one-on-one contests.

Apple brings you the Best!

Apart from the features mentioned in this article, several more are getting added to the list each day. For example, greeting “Hey Siri” will become optional. Also, there will be new voices for Siri. You can also connect Bluetooth headsets while listening to a song. Undoubtedly, this is the most fantastic list ever. For additional information on the other features, contact our Apple Watch Support NumberTherefore, Watch out for WatchOS 5.


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