Top Drawing Software To Give Professional Images

Nowadays, you don’t need an expensive canvas or painting accessories for drawing and painting. If that’s just the hobby, It doesn’t make any sense to spend so much.

There is Adobe Photoshop, the king of the drawing and editing software. But then, it is expensive as well. So, what do people like us do- those who love to paint but can’t afford such costly raw materials.

We turn to the freebies. Yes. There are many free drawing and painting software available in the market. They are the blessing in disguise for painters. We present few of them from the basket for you.

Best Drawing Software


This one tops the list for all valid reasons. It is a vector-based drawing software and is widely used since the year of its inception in 2003.

Although, it’s still in the preview release thirteen years later and yet, it is an excellent tool for professionals. Without any doubt, it can be rated as an alternative to the Adobe Illustrator.

There is an international community backing up this open source software. So, if you want to get started here or if you encounter any problem, you can avail help from them.

This free software has everything that a digital artist requires. It also comes with plenty of video tutorials to help you out. There’s hardly anything that you can do in Adobe and not in Inkscape.



As the name suggests, this is another free vector-based software or drawing. You can use it online or download. It has a clean interface with your artboard on the center, on the left stays your layer stacks and the settings on the right.

At a glance, the toolset looks minimalistic but clicking on the ‘More Shape’ unveils a list of designs. This software is great for creating designs that don’t include a lot of detailing like business cards, posters, typographic logos, etc.

It has many inbuilt tutorials that help you learn how to use it. Also, you can learn to create a background image in youtube channels, making logos of Batman and Superman along with creating the Android icon of Google. You can share your designs on social media as well.

Microsoft Expression Design 4

In 2003, Microsoft acquired Creature House Expression. In 2007, this design tool from Microsoft came into being. Its last version arrived in 2012 and is free to use now.

However, it is no more supported by Microsoft. And yet, you can find the support for this tool through the Microsoft Expression Forums. This vector-based tool isn’t as elaborate as Inkscape.

It is lightweight and useful for the developers who create web-based graphics, user interface etc. You can create great graphics, something that doesn’t need a lot of visual effects. You can also create banners and logos here. It has a lot of bare essential tools.

microsoft expression

SVG Edit

This is another beautiful free JavaScript-based tool that was released in 2009. It can be used online or can be downloaded as well. You can store your designs on your system and export it as well.

This is a very simple software, both in features and design. It has essential tools for creating shapes and lines. It has options to insert images based on Bitmap. You can add additional depth by adding layers through its necessary tools.

The best part about this free drawing software is, it is compatible with all the systems, software and browsers. If you don’t want to install it, you can always use it online.

GIMP- The GNU Image Manipulation Program

This is the old and the wise free open-source alternative to the Photoshop from Abode. It came into existence in 1995 and carries everything you need to edit the photographs.

You can import the vector-based art for added realism and effects. In addition, you can also create digital masterpieces of painting from scratch.  This freebie is the best in the line.

GIMP has two main components overall. The central window is your artboard and a floating toolbox on your desktop. You can also fix this toolbox on one side of your window. You have to use it to experience its virtue.


A group of professional artists created this high-quality drawing software with a noble aim. They wanted something with top-notch creative tools to be in everyone’s reach. It is a gift to us.

You can use this free software for any illustration of drawing. But, if you are into creating manga or comics, jump with joy. This tool is magnificent to serve the purpose.

It has halftone filters, panel templates and many tools over and above the usual ones. You can customize each brush as per your need and save it for later use. Right-click anywhere in your Krita and you will see the selection wheel. It saves a lot of time in the selection of a new tool or colors.

This software has a ton of thoughtful touches that many other lacks. Everything in it reflects the creative bit of its creators.


With this free drawing software, you can create realistic and beautiful digital paintings. You can take the input from the mouse, stylus or your touchscreen. Just tap the screen and apply ultra-realistic brush effects.

Apart from the regular brushes, it has a range of patterns and pens. With this facility, you can put minimum effort into creating complex images.

This is a free design tool for the artists of every age. But if you have kids, it is particularly useful for them. They can experiment with different brushes and you don’t even have to keep cleaning the mess they create every time after painting.


Wrapping It Up

There are many other fantastic drawing software on the market that is free and easy to use. They come in handy with amazing features. Some are relatively simple while others are loaded with great tools. You can pick an instrument according to your requirement. Trust me, you will always find something suitable for your need.


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