RAW Camera Applications

Travel light! This is the mantra which renders convenience while you are on vacation.

With loved ones or the members of your circle, you can make memories and eternalize them in photographs.

Now, just because you intend to head out for a sudden or planned vacation doesn’t mean that you’d have to carry the heavy DSLRs which require you to take off, at least, 2 or 3 lids to take a picture.

And then, set them back. After each, in place as well because you don’t want to scratch the sensitive sections of those sophisticated devices. Since that would cost havoc to repair.

Furthermore, you may now be worried about the quality of the pictures. And, the fact they will be compromised. No, smartphones deliver RAW images as well.

RAW Images and Smartphones

Pictures and images that you capture in RAW format are, now, not confined to your sophisticated DSLRs or other high-end cameras. Adaptation is an aspect which has led even the smartphones to capture RAW images.

So, for that, you don’t have to rise for purchasing a DSLR if you have a financial crunch.

The art of the developers and their creation of increasingly efficient smartphones have become adaptive to changing demands. So, thanks to them that you can go shoot images with just your phone!

Also, the quality turns out to be uncompromised and in RAW format as well. In fact, both Android and iOS support such clarity.

Now, obviously, you’d require some photos to edit. Not all have the perfect balance of tone. Or, you may want to crop out an unwanted presence from the photo lurking behind you in a field of sunflowers.

And, to cater to all these concerns, you can take your mobile photography skills to a challenging level. This demand has introduced ample applications for both your Android and iOS smartphones.

So, edit, shoot and manage those RAW pictures while you are on your way to work or simply in-between work and lunch.

Or, basically, at any time you like since it is just your phone which you have to operate on.

7 Sophisticated Android and iOS Applications for Professional Image Development

Yes, a list comprising the best! Each with a unique trait which would serve you with detailed perception and help you to make the final pick.

Also, the list only holds only a handful which is convenient for readers as they don’t have to sort from an ocean of alternatives dodging the dilemmas.

You need a platform to manage the pictures of such superior quality. So, take a careful glimpse of each program, assess their features and tally them with the requirements you yearn for.

This compact list holds efficient and sophisticated programs which you can install and operate on with ultimate convenience.

In this way, smartphones have just gotten smarter.

1. Adobe Lightroom CC: Sophistication Personified

The name itself deploys a sense of awe since the Adobe Lightroom was just a premium version available for computer systems.

Earlier, smartphones were not as capable to run such high-end applications. But, now, we witness a hint of adaptation both in smartphones as well as in such programs only developed for computer.

However, let us delve directly to the features or configuration of Lightroom CC. It is a program which is both post-production studio as well as a DAM, otherwise known as Digital Asset Manager.

And therein, you can edit any image, howsoever high the format is, encompassing RAW images as well.

Additionally, users can even take photos through the integrated camera of the program. This ensures convenience at its best.

Moreover, regardless of the origin of the image, be it imported from the DSLR or is taken from the phone camera, the quality of editing is not compromised at all.

From the settings of generic exposure to the adjustments of the layered gradient, Adobe Lightroom CC delivers performance with sophistication.

Furthermore, if you possess the subscription plans of Adobe, all the images tend to sync across the desktop and mobile devices. This assists you to initiate an edit on your smartphone and complete it from the PC when you reach home.

2. VSCO: The Most Convenient

Initially, VSCO began as an unadorned and simple application to render film-like presets to images and has grown both in users as well as in features.

More than 50 filters exist to opt from along with an entire set of tools in order to edit those images.

Furthermore, VSCO functions not only to edit RAW pictures but also take pictures through the integrated camera. Therefore, it becomes an all-in-one application which does not require you to import from DSLRs for editing RAW images.

So, this makes shooting and editing images all in one place. Now, you can do so much just as you are in-between snacks or at the bus stop waiting for a ride.

Both for Android as well as for iOS, VSCO comes free and also with a set of sample presets. Furthermore, there are other presets but which would require you to make some in-app purchases.

Also, a VSCO subscription can render and present you with all the tools, beta features, and all presets.

3. Snapseed: It’s Free

With the regular gradual but wise update, the Snapseed attains new and fresh features even though the pace is gradual. However, this application is free and arrives for both Android and iOS.

In case you desire to use an application which is free from the shackles of money, this is the one. Also, just because it is free, the quality of edit doesn’t fall and is still comparable to the towering ones.

The curves tool is present in the program along with RAW photo editing.

Also, it involves some integrated filters as well which doesn’t require you to hunt for making changes manually. The mobile application provides a lot more.

The first-hand experience will tell you so much.

4. ProShot (for Android only) in all its Versatility

ProShot is an intelligent design of Rise Up Games. An all-in-one camera application, ProShot is a versatile program that supports both JPEG as well as RAW images.

Also, the application is flexible enough to support 4K video capture on the devices which are compatible.

Sadly, this program is only confined to Android users and doesn’t extend its reach to the iOS counterparts.

Furthermore, ProShot grants both automatic as well as manual modes of shooting in order to meet your style as well as creative endeavors. Also, this application possesses live adjustments encompassing exposure as well as white balance as well.

Google’s Play Store has it for the users to download but have to make a purchase.

5. Halide (for iOS only): The Minimalistic

Halide is an application, especially for iOS, which possesses all of the latest photo features of iOS. It’s signature aspect is that it has a minimalistic essence.

The popular phrase which developers state to describe it is, “perfect photography, within reach”.

The user-experience, while handling the application is impressive since you can edit, and manage the images your way with one hand only! At times, some critical feature, in the other applications, require you to indulge two hands.

So, this not the case with Halide.

Moreover, in spite of its simple and minimalistic interface, it possesses features which are of professional-grade.

Now, this includes focus peaking, Portrait Mode, and obviously the RAW format of images. Besides, the application’s integrated camera feature supports the HEIC format which is new to iOS 11.

In the App Store for iPhone, you can get the Halide and start creating beautiful creations.

6. ProCam (for iOS only): Ample Shooting Modes and Features

Smooth videos, stills, as well as RAW images, ProCam delivers it all. Also, the application holds ample shooting modes, around half a dozen.

Now, this includes Burst Mode, Night Mode, 3D photos, and Portrait Mode. In this way, ProShot excels in syncing plenty of firepowers all in one.

Furthermore, the interface is slightly intimidating for the ones who aren’t as acquainted to heavy-duty camera applications. However, if you can find out the way in which you can work, you’ll notice that ProCam has ample to offer.

7. RAW Power (for iOS only): A Standard Counterpart

Unlike other applications mentioned above, the RAW Power lacks the integrated camera feature.

However, it performs as a DAM, otherwise known as Digital Asset Manager particularly for images. Also, the user can make edits encompassing the generic exposure changes as well as curve adjustments.

Furthermore, there is also an alternative to edit images of Depth Effect which are taken by iOS devices bearing dual camera.

And, this application is available in the App Store. Also, it comes with options for in-app purchases which promises to reveal some advanced tools for editing.

A Quick Overview

Traveling or not, most people love to take photos. So, if you find a great spot just around your block, take your phone with you.

Smartphones are so handy and convenient to use as compared to DSLRs or other high-end cameras. In the latter’s case, you need to do and undo a lot of lids and then place them for protection.

So, this disrupts the continuous shots which would otherwise help you to shoot some candids.

The happiness which isn’t staged or the sunlight gleaming through the lush greens capture all of them without striking out the enticing essence.

Just carry your smartphones which has the application to transform images into something sublime. However, we leave it to you to choose any of them from the list.

Assess them and check if they fit your requirements.

The Adobe Lightroom CC is one of the advanced and sophisticated ones which most rely on provided they do not mind spending to get more and more.

ProCam is the best if you want plenty of features to work with. However, if you desire to stick to the basics, the RAW Power is a standard one. The ProShot is the one which is versatile and can render diverse actions with smoothness.

Therefore, suit yourself and download wisely since the landscape views need expert shots and something unique!