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Nowadays, everybody is looking for hosting a private or portfolio website in order to showcase their information on the world wide web. It can include details like personal info, services to promote, or any other business ventures, which you can display through free web hosting platforms.

free hosting sitesSo, if you want to host your own website for personal or business purposes but don’t have much budget to do so, this article is for you. Here, you can learn some important details to understand the role of website hosting and how to obtain a personal domain for free. Also, you will get to know whether Google provides free website hosting facilities to the users.

For those readers, who are looking for the best web hosting platforms to compare the prices, this article covers a list of cheap services to help you out. So, if you are interested in getting info regarding website hosting domains, keep reading till the very end.

Ways To Obtain Your Domain Name Using Free Web Hosting Services

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If you have a query like “Is there any free website hosting?” you must be aware that there is no such thing as a free domain name. Often, you will find websites that claim to offer domain names for absolutely no charge. However, the truth is, they will advertise such free web hosting schemes to get the attention of the target audience.

If you analyze such services much deeply, you will find that most websites are actually charging their charges to offer you an attractive domain name. Otherwise, they will simply offer you subdomains, which are less attractive and comes with limited access to features of web hosting. If you are still interested in learning how to get a domain name without any investment, check the information as discussed below.

How Can You Get A Domain For No Charge?</b

For those who are thinking “Can I get a domain for free?”, you can have a look at the following options. Hopefully, this will help you to create your personal domain name, which will be pretty simple if you apply these easy-to-follow instructions.

 Use Website Hosting To Choose Domain  

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  • If you want to select your domain name for a professional or personal website, try to include the .com extension in it
  • As the URLs with .COM are mostly recommended for web hosting purpose, you can make use of one. It will not only give your domain name the much-needed exposure on the online platform but, it will give it a professional look as well.
  • To start this method, you will need two things before creating your personal website. The first thing you need is a web address, which can be, for example, “” that you can easily remember. You will also need a free website hosting service, which can establish a connection between your site and the internet.
  • Let’s assume you are selecting BlueHost to create your website, so you need to visit the official website of this web host. Next, you have to click on the tab for ‘Get started now and select any of the Basic, Plus, or Choice Plus plans.
  • If you sign up for web hosting services on BlueHost, they provide an easy option to create a new free domain. So, you can simply type your preferable domain name in place of ‘my-free-domain’. Hence, it will create your free domain with a .com extension.
  • In case you want a domain name with minimum investment, you can choose the ‘Basic’ plan on Their monthly charges are within $3, which can provide a professional WordPress website along with a domain in .com extension.  With such free hosting service, you can also add up to five email profiles for professional purposes.

 Register Your Domain On Namescofree web hosting

  • In case you are looking for a free domain name .CO.UK that will remain active for an entire year, you can select Namesco. This web hosting site offers domain names without charging anything if those are available for the users.
  • If you want to create your domain name with .CO.UK extension, go to the Namesco website. Then, search for your desired name by entering the info on the search bar. Simply, hit on the ‘Continue’ button and allow the server to check if the domain name is available.
  • So, if the entered .CO.UK domain name is available on Namesco, it will be created without any hassle. Otherwise, you will get two options to create your website on this web host. Make sure to select the option of ‘using DIY website builder’ instead of ‘Upload your own website’.
  • Next, click on the basket and it will show the price for DIY website builder as £6.99, which you have to pay on a monthly basis. If you want to get the domain name for free, click on the red cross mark beside this website builder item.
  • As soon as you remove the item from your basket, the checkout window will show the message that the domain name is now free. Hence, you can follow the next on-screen instructions to register on Namesco for your free domain name. Remember, this domain will remain active for 1 year and you can also use their free email service on this web hosting site.

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Free Website Builder To Create Website

For those who want to ask “what is the cheapest website hosting?”, you can try this option.

free hostIng.

  • If you opt for the Website Builder, it offers a wide range of options to the users. In case you want a web hosting service that offers a hassle-free signup process, you can choose the Website Builder.
  • Let’s discuss creating a free domain using Weebly, where you can sign up for a free plan and follow simple steps. So, if you create your website on Weebly, it will be hosted for absolutely no cost. Also, it will allow the users to get access to a free subdomain under this web hosting platform.
  • To sign up for this, go to the official website of Weebly and enter your full name, email address, and password. On the left side of the page, it will show you that creating a high-quality site and hosting your website costs just €0 per month. Hence, with this method, you can enjoy free web hosting and showcase your personal website on a website builder.

 Create .ML, .TK, .GP, .CF, .GA Domain Names For Free Hosting

  • In case you want a domain name that will not use any subdomain of any branded site, creating it with .CF, .GQ, .ML, .GA, or .TK extension is a good choice. So, check whether your preferred domain name is available by visiting the official sites of these web hosting
  • Let’s take an example for creating a domain name on, which has the possibility of providing free service for 1 year. So, you need to visit “” and type the domain name of your choice. After this, hit the ‘Next’ button to see if the domain is available for free hosting or not.
  • In case it is available, it will offer you two options that include ‘Free domain’ and ‘Paid domain’. So, you can choose the option of ‘Free domain’ and click on ‘Next’ to continue with the steps.
  • You have to hit the tab for ‘Use DNS for this domain’ and complete the steps on the registration window. Make sure to select the appropriate host name and IP address for.TK’s free DNS service.
  • Next, type your email address and characters in a picture to validate your registration on website. Follow the on-screen instructions until it displays the message in green saying your registration is successful.freee hosting

Can Google Provide Free Website Hosting Services?

If you wonder “Does Google have free Web hosting?”, know that you can use Google Drive for free web hosting. In case you are looking for a quick option to host your website but can’t find any web server, then Google can be an alternative choice.
However, if you want to create free domain names for professional or business practices, it may not be a fair option. As there can be risks with free domain extensions, which can occur if somebody else selects the domains.

Remember, domain users don’t have any legal rights or control over these cases. Hence, it is recommended that you make use of paid domain names after using free web hosting services for a short period of time, for example, say the first year.

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