How To Connect A Laptop To A TV? ( Do Not Worry, It’s Easy)

With constant advancements in technology, connecting a laptop to a TV is not impossible or complicated. Though a laptop may be a perfect medium to watch movies or any other media, a big screen TV is always better as compared to a cramped display. At least, the television screen will not strain your eyes. Once you merge your laptop with the TV, you can turn it into a powerful media center. You can stream your favorite YouTube and Netflix episodes, as well as play PC games with ease. For a better gaming experience, you can even plug the Xbox controller in your system. Amazingly, you can also work on any document without squinting your vision.


connect a laptop to a tv

To connect your TV with a HP laptop or any other brand laptop does not necessarily include a smart TV. the bottom line is you just have to plug a cable. In case of wireless connection, there are other streaming options. But even this sleight of hands would require a proper guideline to hook up your laptop with the television. With the help of our guide, you will know how to connect a HP laptop or any other brand laptop to a TV.

Cables You Need To Connect The Laptop To A TV

It’s not difficult to connect the laptop to a TV manually. For the connection, you need to have the HDMI cable or the VGA cable. But before you start connecting the devices, you should know about the ports available on your laptop and the TV.  

VGA port

The VGA port is equipped with 15 pins and is rectangular in shape.

S video port

The S video port is circular in shape with 4 to 7 pins.

Composite video port

This is a yellow colored circular jack. And therefore can be easily identified.

DVI port

With 24 pins, Digital video interface port is designed for high definition connections.


Since 2008, High definition multimedia interface(HDMI) is available in the laptops, especially for high definition connections.  This port is apparently similar to the USB port.

How To Connect a Laptop To A TV? (Using Cables)

Generally, standard definition TVs are armed with the Composite and the S video ports. However, the high definition TVs usually have the VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports. In the case of a smart TV, you may have several options. But it’s better to choose the HDMI port for a high quality resolution. Always make sure that the laptop’s output port and the TV’s input port is identical. If not, then try using an adapter cable. Go through the steps below to make the connection.

  • Turn off the laptop:  For HDMI or any other high definition connections, you do not need to shut down the laptop. But in the case of a standard connection, it’s better to turn off the laptop.
  • The connection between the ports: Next, you have to connect the proper video cable to your laptop and TV’s video ports. Make sure you choose the correct input port on the TV.  Whenever you make the connection, ensure that the laptop is switched on. Sometimes, it displays the image immediately on the TV screen. From time to time, it is also seen that the laptop does not select the correct settings. In such cases, you need to visit the Control Panel. Locate the display option and adjust the resolution. Even after making the connections, if you find no image on your screen, then you have to disconnect the connection and adjust the resolution first.
  • Alter the TV’s zoom level: You can check the aspect ratio of the image. This will prevent the screen from cutting off the display edges.

How To Make A Wireless Connection Between Your Laptop And TV?

There are a few media streamer that can turn your TV into a smart TV. If your TV is not smart enough, then you can purchase a smart box as well. In case you don’t want any more expenses, then you can look for a built-in wireless system called WiDi.

For Apple users, there are many products like Apple TV and Airplay mirroring which can transmit the laptop’s video signal to the TV’s screen over a WiFi connection.

Alternatively, users can use Google’s Chromecast. It is budget-friendly as well as compatible with any operating system. Once you install the Chromecast, locate the Address bar to choose the cast button.

In lieu of using Chromecast, you can rather use the Roku. It is useful to play videos on Netflix and Youtube.

How To Connect A Laptop To A TV? (Using VGA)

Especially on an old TV, VGA is a way to connect both the devices easily. If you want to use the VGA, then you need to make a few changes in the settings. At first, you have to turn on the laptop and the TV. Next, connect the VGA cable to both of the systems. After that, plug the audio jack in the systems. Ultimately, go to the Control Panel to adjust the resolution.


How To Connect A Laptop To A TV? (Using USB Cable)

With the USB cable, it is somehow not possible to connect the systems. However, you can use an adapter to establish a proper connection. You will need additional software to make any use of the USB cable. Therefore, we suggest you buy a laptop that is compatible with the USB and the HDMI.

How To Connect A Laptop To A TV? (Using External device)

Using an external device, it is easier to connect your laptop with the TV. You have to make sure that the external device(USB stick) is adjustable with the TV.

  1. The video file format of the laptop must be compatible with the TV.
  2. After that, you can copy the video file to the external device.
  3. Next, you can insert the USB stick into the TV to select the channel.
  4. For playing the video, you have to locate the TV’s file explorer.

There are several other ways to make the connection, of course. But, you can give these methods a try. However, it is highly recommended to go through the ways that are mentioned above for a secure connection. If you face any issue during process you can get support from our HP Customer Support.


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