How to Create a Website in Simple Steps

Creating A Website: Some Essential Questions

In this advanced internet world, it’s become important to know How to Create a Website and excel in your business with its help. When it comes to earning from your online business, you will need a robust website. Hence, if you want to run your business online, then you must have your own website for the business you have.


However, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of while designing your business website. If you are eager to know How to Create a website There are a lot of options available out there by which you can not only create your website yourself but can also make it live on the internet. You don’t have to run around for some web designers who will create the site for you. But, the best option to create and develop your website is by professionals. They always know what you need on your site to attract people to your business. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss the different aspects that you need to know about web design.

What Is Website Creation All About?

The process of creating different websites for different uses is known as website design. There are several aspects of website creation such as the layout of the web page, content development, graphic design, and many more. There is little difference between web design and development even if both of them are related.

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From the technical point of view, web design is nothing but a subset of the broader category that you’d find in web development. Web designers build websites using markup languages like HTML. They use different tags from HTML that define the content and metadata of the pages that they are creating. To give the page a unique style, there is an option available, known as Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). This CSS file is responsible for the appearance of the content of the site.

In order How to create a website, you must write code. For the ease of writing these codes, there are a lot of code editors available out there. Web designers use these editors for the flexibility to write code in a faster way. While the HTML and CSS are taking the responsibility to design the look of the site, you should also consider the images. That’s where we need the Graphics design.

How To Create A Website?

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For a web designer, it is always important to meet all the requirements of your business website. If you want to know How to create a  website, then you need to take care of the following facts.

  • Create A Plan For The Project

Before doing anything, you should create a plan for the project that you are going to work on. For that, you should grab a paper and a pen and start writing the objectives of the website that you are going to design. Note down what the site is all about and plan everything accordingly. If it is for sales or something related to the promotion of a brand, then go ahead as per its need. After that, you should mention the features that you need on your website. Last but not least, now think about the audience who will visit your site and give a solid reason for their visit.  List out what they will find interesting in your site that they will come to look at.

  • Choose Your Platform

After successfully planning the website, you should now decide the platform where you are going to execute that plan. You can use different website builders to make it or you can even code it yourself to make your customized website. If you are using website builders, then you don’t need to have coding skills. But, in the case of coding it yourself, you must have some coding skills. You can choose either of them at your convenience.

  • Decide On The layout And Menu Navigation Of The Homepage of Your Site

As you know, the homepage of your website is like the shop window where people come to visit and check the products or services that you offer. So, it is important that you have the best homepage that describes all your products and services clearly. Design the layout of your site in such a way that the user doesn’t face any kind of problems while surfing your site. The navigation bar should also be attractive that the user checks the first time he or she visits your website.

  • Add Content To The Site

Once you are done with the homepage design, you have to start adding content. It includes different color schemes, font styles, images, and other things. All you do should be oriented in such a way that the user finds them suitable for his or her use.

  • Test, Publish And Update

After adding content to the website, you need to test it yourself. If you find the site is ready to publish, then publish it with the help of different web hosts. In case you need any up-gradation on the site, then you can update it accordingly.

  • These are the basic steps, that you should follow in order to build your site and make it live on the internet.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

The cost to build a complete website always depends on your requirements. It can lie anywhere from $100 to $500 according to the requirements for the website. It might get even as high as $30,000 or more if you need a feature-rich or custom-built website. However, in case you need to build a small website, you will only need the domain name and web hosting expenditures in your budget.

Usually, a domain name doesn’t cost more than $15 per year and for web hosting, it is only around $8 per month. So, altogether, you might have to spend $111 in a year to start your small website. You may get it at an even cheaper rate, but that depends on the web host and the domain name.

Whenever you are estimating the budget to build your website and host it online, there are several factors that you should think about first. It depends on you whether you need a custom-built website or not. Because if you don’t want to give your site a unique look, then there are different themes available for different websites in the CMSs. You should list the features that you want on your website.

How Do I Build My Website For Free?

Building a website has become much easier as there are different website builders available today. These website builders not only help you to build your website but also offer you to host it. For making the website, you should at first login to the builder’s website. Then, you will find several options to create your own customized website.

Just follow the on-screen instructions that will allow you to build your site. You can host the website that you built free but there will be the name of the website builder on your domain. If you want to remove this domain name from your site, then you might have to spend some bucks.

How Do I Create My Own Website?

create a websiteAs already discussed in the above section, you can use different website builders to create a website for your business. And if you know how to code, then you can create your own site with your own style that gives it a unique look. Using some HTML tags and CSS files, you can give whatever look you want to the site. After creating the website, you can host it online using different web hosts that are available in the market.

So, that’s all you need to know about every aspect of website creation. We hope you get the answers to all your queries on How to create a website design.

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How much does it cost to create a website?

However, on average, building website costs about $200, while maintaining it costs about $50 month on an ongoing basis.

Is it free to have a website?

There are catches but you can make website for free. 
There are number of important features in free accounts on website builders. 
You can’t use individual domains and for this website builder, you will have ads on your free site. 
If you want to find out more about building the website then you have to look at the free options.

How does a free website make money?

It is not by selling publicity that most ‘free’ services make money. 
It is you and advertisers, marketers, researchers and others that are available for sale.

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