How To Uninstall Skype For Business : Step-by-Step Guide To Install It

While working with Skype for Business, often users can experience various types of issues on their PCs, laptops, smartphones or any other gadget. It can include problems with admin access, dial-in conferencing, or any kind of technical error. Sometimes, the issue can crop up also with the DNS alone and it has nothing to do with the Skype to uninstall skype for business

So, when such error occurs and you start experiencing issues with your Skype for Business account, it can trigger many additional problems. Hence, to deal with it, the users will require to disable the services from Skype for Business and resolve the error.

In this article, some effective ways on how to uninstall skype for business will be discussed for the readers. Here, they can also learn the underlying causes of this Skype issue in order to understand the solutions. So, if you are annoyed with the regular errors on your Skype for Business account, go through this article and try the fixes to resolve the issues.

Reasons Why Users Need to Uninstall Skype for Business with Proper Instructionuninstall skype fo bussiness

There are many reasons due to which you would like to know how to uninstall Skype for business. One of the major issues is the version of Skype with Office 365 installation on your machine. As reported by many Skype users, they are finding certain problems while accessing Skype for Business on Office 365.

However, whenever they are trying to remove or uninstall the Skype version from their system, they are experiencing issues. Most importantly, they are unable to uninstall Skype for Business without deleting the entire Microsoft Office suite. Hence, it is important that you make use of proper steps in order to delete your Skype for Business program.

Another reason behind getting rid of the Skype for Business application can be due to an incorrect installation as well. Often, users can get confused and install the program of Skype for Business in place of Skype. Hence, whoever doesn’t need this version of Skype, they might want to install the basic Skype application. However, it is not possible to run Skype when your system is already running the Skype for Business program.

A majority of users are not aware of the proper version and OS compatibility required for installing Skype for Business. This is why many of them end up installing a different Skype application on their system. So, if you want to delete the incorrect version and initiate a fresh Skype installation, you’ll require proper instructions.

Try Few Steps Before Checking How to Uninstall Skype for Business on Windows

In case, your system got Skype for Business while installing Office 365, Office 2015 or 2016, uninstalling it is not an easy task. According to may users, nothing works for them when it comes to removing or disabling the business version for Skype. Also, there are times, when the application of Skype for Business will start automatically with Windows startup. However, you can still try some of the user’s tips to resolve this issue before going through the solutions on how to uninstall Skype for Business Office 365. So, let’s take a look at some of the tricks, which will help you with the uninstallation of this Skype to uninstall skype for business..

In order to block the program Skype for Business, launch it automatically during Windows startup and locate its tools icon. Thereafter, find the tab for Tools and hit the option for ‘Options’ on your Windows-based device.

uninstall-Skype-for-businessNow, choose ‘Personal’ and make sure to untick the box that allows Skype for Business app to start automatically. You will have to click on the ‘OK’ button to save these settings and then reboot your system.

This will ensure that the Skype program doesn’t start in the background whenever the Windows starts or restarts. In case, the problem persists, go through the following methods to uninstall Skype for Business effectively.

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Apply These Methods to Uninstall Skype for Business

You can try the following technical steps to remove the Skype for Business application from your Office 365 or Windows to uninstall skype business

Method 1: Steps to uninstall Skype for Business from Office 365

  • Many users don’t understand how to uninstall Skype for Business on Windows without disabling the Microsoft Office suite. This is why you can apply this method to get rid of this Skype problem by uninstalling it from Office 365. So, let’s check out the steps in the following points.
  • First, get access to the Office 365 Admin Center by visiting the official link of Microsoft. Hence, you can type the URL on the address bar on any reliable browser.uninstall Skype for Business from Office 365
  • Then, scroll down the list of items present on the left window pane and go to the ADMIN section. Thereafter, choose the option of ‘Skype for Business’ and it will take you to the admin center for this application.
  • Below this menu, choose ‘organization’ and then hit the tab for ‘external communications’. Make sure that you change the settings for accessing Skype for Business and keep it as ‘Off completely.
  • Finally, on clicking the ‘Save’ button, it will enable the users to disable or remove this Skype app from their systems.

Method 2: Disable Online License of Skype for Business

  • To apply this fix, you will have to follow the steps discussed in the above method for accessing the Office 365
  • How to uninstall skype business..Admin Center. After opening the window, make use of the navigation pane and locate ‘Users’ section. Then, find the ‘Active Users’ tab from the menu and choose the value for ‘Select a view’ as ‘All users’.
  • Below the section of ‘Assigned license’ on the right side of your screen, hit the tab for ‘Edit’. You can also view the list of sublicenses under this tab by expanding the user’s License Type.
  • Below the section of ‘Assign License’, you will observe various checkboxes that indicates the programs running on Windows. So, find the checkbox for ‘Skype for Business Online’ and remove the tick from it.
  • Next, click on ‘Save’ for these changes to take effect on both Windows as well as Microsoft Office suite or Office 365.

Method 3: Uninstall Skype for Business on your Device

Before you utilize any deployment tool, open the ‘Control Panel’ feature on your Windows system. Then, hit the tab for ‘Programs’ and then select ‘Programs and Features’. After that, click on the link for ‘Uninstall or change program’ and find the app for ‘Skype for Business’.uninstall SKYPE for BUSINESS

Right-click on the icon of Skype and choose the option of ‘Uninstall’. Remember, on some devices, it might not show Skype for Business in the list of programs. This is when your system will ask you to remove every component from the Office to delete Skype.

Method 4: Use the Office Deployment Tool on Removing Skype for Business

You can try this method if your system doesn’t allow to uninstall Skype for Business under normal circumstances. Also, it might notify the users to delete the entire Microsoft Office suite in order to remove the components of Skype. So, if this is the case, you can follow this method and learn how to uninstall Skype for Business 2015.

First Step

For removing the entire program of Skype for Business, it is necessary to delete it from the registry. Hence, log out of your profile on Skype and also select the tab for ‘Delete my sign-in info’.

Second Step

After this, exit the application for Skype for Business and access the ‘Lync’ folder by navigating through the Microsoft office folder. If you can’t find its exact location, first open the C: drive and click on Users. Then, locate the folders of ‘AppData’, ‘Local’ and find the option of ‘Microsoft’.how to uninstall skype

Third Step

Thereafter, open the Office folder and search for version 2015. Finally, click on the folder of ‘Lync’ and find the folder with the name ‘sip_username’. Make sure to erase the content of this folder and open the ‘Control Panel’ window on your computer.

First, try to uninstall ‘Skype for Business’ by hitting the tab for ‘Uninstall/Change’. If Windows doesn’t allow this step, you will have to delete the components in the app separately. So, if this is the case, you need to modify the registry entries to delete the Skype for Business application.

Final Step

Before making any changes to the Skype entries from Windows Registry, create a backup for the files in it. Thereafter, open the Run dialog box by hitting both the Windows and R keys.

Then, write ‘regedit’ in the box, click on ‘OK’ and it will show the Registry Editor window on your screen. Next, hit the ‘Edit’ section and click on the ‘Find’ option. So, find the program of Skype and select ‘Find Next’. Make sure to select all the items that will be shown in the results and delete by right-clicking on them.

Steps to Run Deployment Tool for Reinstalling Skype for Business

Next, you can visit the official site of Microsoft and download a suitable deployment program for Office 2015 or later versions. You can also get the tool by mentioning your product ID. This is possible mainly for those who are using a licensed version of Office 2015. However, make sure to run Skype for Business app by operating it as Deploy User (interactive).skype

Now, select the file of configuration.xml and copy all its content to SkypeDownload.xml. You can also save these files in any other name but, make sure to keep them in the same directory.

While editing the new folder, you can utilize some XML code to modify the settings of Skype for Business. Once, you are ready with the new application SkypeConfig.xml, you need to deploy it using the above-recommended settings.

Method 5: Uninstall Skype for Business and Reinstall it on Desktop

  • Often, Skype users have noticed that they could resolve the uninstallation issue on Skype by uninstalling and reinstalling the program. So, let’s have a look at the method on how to uninstall Skype for Business
  • First, you need to exit the Skype application by clicking on the Taskbar and then locate the app before hitting ‘Quit’. In case, you can’t view the icon for Skype for Business, simply open the Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete buttons altogether. Then locate Skype from the list of programs and right-click on it.
  • After this, choose the option of ‘End task’ and open the Run dialog box. So, type  ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the box and hit the ‘OK’ button before searching for Skype in the list. Finally, you need to select the ‘Remove or Uninstall’ button for deleting Skype for Business.
  • Once, you delete the Skype app from your system, search for the recent version and install it on your Windows. Further, you can go through technical instructions from experts to know how to uninstall skype for Business for Windows or any other OS version.

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