An Update in Numbers for iOS: Let’s Dive In

Apple is the one of the most profitable and famous company on the globe. Over the years, Apple made its place by changing the world with their creations. Apple Inc has apps for almost everything, even spreadsheets. The spreadsheet application for Apple is known as Numbers. It is exclusively available for iOS and Mac OS.

Numbers: What and Why

Numbers is basically a spreadsheet. It is innovative and designed for mobiles. Apple brought the spreadsheet at your fingertips with Numbers. You can easily create tables, charts, images and texts with this app. Numbers also made the recording, editing and playing audio easy that is also on the spreadsheet. By using Apple pencil you can select and scroll and give charts a new look. Further, adding the equations of mathematics using LaTeX or MathML notation is also possible with Numbers. Moreover, it enhances the documents and offers a list of new editable shapes.

Numbers for iOS

Explore What’s new in the updated Numbers for iOS

Numbers for iOS is now colored with a handful of new and improved features. You can create spreadsheets just by using your fingers now. Accordingly, spreadsheets are kept updated with the iCloud built-in. However, let’s take a look at what Numbers is capable of doing. Also, the Apple Tech Support is there to provide with further details.

Get Started Quickly

The new and updated Numbers comes with an amazing interface compatible with iOS 7. Besides, it will offer you over 30 templates designed by Apple to give you an idea of a beautiful spreadsheet. It comes with an intelligent keyboard where you can add texts, formulas, date, etc. Further, this stunning app is faster than ever. It comes with a new calculation engine. Again, you can touch and rearrange the spreadsheet. Finally, it has a coaching tip or an in-app guide.

Awesome Spreadsheets

Are you into making every little creation of yours aesthetic, even a spreadsheet? Numbers can be your new companion. You can place tables, images, charts and texts anywhere for the beautification of your spreadsheet. The app values your time. You can create a form for entering data quickly from anywhere. Plus, the powerful graphics tools and alignment guide will give you exactly what you need.

Data Uncrunched

Numbers will let you select from over 250 functions. This app will provide you with built-in help and even some sample formulas for each function. Also, you can sort out the columns in any order as well as hide or show any row.  You can also use filters, add animated data and some stunning 2D and 3D charts. Further, you can make it attractive with pop-ups, check-box, star ratings, etc. Plus, the undo option is also there in case you made some mistake.


You have to turn on iCloud for accessing. You can access and edit your spreadsheet easily once it’s in sync with iCloud. Besides, you don’t have to worry about saving the spreadsheet every time you create something. It comes with auto-save feature.

Share your Work Without any Trouble

The new Numbers allows you to share your work easily. All you have to do is use AirDrop and you can share it with anyone who is near you. Sharing via mail, message or social media accounts is also possible with the new Numbers. Bonus, you can export it to Microsoft Excel, PDF, etc along with printing by using AirPrint.

Moreover, Numbers for iOS has a lot to offer. Starting from iCloud Support to better printing and sharing option, you can do everything with this app. Meanwhile, if you are wondering what else you can do with the new Numbers, iOS support number can best guide you.


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