After Android 10, Google’s major breakthrough is the Android 11. The first developer preview of Android 11 was first released in the month of February 2020. The beta program of Google was supposed to happen in the month of June. But, due to the pandemic, Google backfired all the plans and programs. 

It will take some time for Samsung to release the new upgraded Operating System. According to recent reports, all the latest smartphones of Samsung will receive the new OS update. In addition to that, the latest version of the user-interface will also be available with the system software. 

Samsung Mobile Devices to get Android 11

You need to get a brief idea about which Samsung devices will get the latest update of Android 11. The most important thing you must know that the Galaxy One UI 3.0 is also included with the new OS update.

Galaxy S and Note Series

Samsung Galaxy S (tablets and phones) and Note series devices are the flagship smartphones. Rumours say that these devices will be the first to get Android 11 and One UI 3.0 update.  

  1. Galaxy Note 20 
  2. Galaxy Note 20+/Ultra 
  3. Galaxy Fold 2 
  4. Galaxy Flip (5G Connectivity)
  5. Galaxy Tab S7 
  6. Galaxy Tab S7+ 
  7. Samsung Galaxy S20
  8. Galaxy S20 5G
  9. Galaxy S20+
  10. Galaxy S20+ (5G Connectivity)
  11. Galaxy S20 Ultra
  12. Galaxy S20 Ultra (5G Connectivity)
  13. Galaxy Z Flip
  14. Galaxy Fold
  15. Galaxy Fold (5G Connectivity)
  16. Galaxy Note 10+
  17. Galaxy Note 10+ (5G Connectivity)
  18. Galaxy Note 10
  19. Galaxy Note 10 (5G Connectivity)
  20. Galaxy S10 (5G Connectivity)
  21. Galaxy S10+
  22. Galaxy S10
  23. Galaxy S10e
  24. Galaxy Note 10 Lite
  25. Galaxy S10 Lite

The first 6 devices are not released yet. All the users of these 6 devices, after release, will have Android 10. After a few days, they will be able to receive the new version of Android 11. 

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Galaxy A Series 

The A-series phones, from Samsung, come with exciting features at a reasonable cost. These devices will also get the update of Android 11. 

  1. Galaxy A01
  2. Galaxy A10
  3. Galaxy A10e
  4. Galaxy A10s
  5. Galaxy A11
  6. Galaxy A20
  7. Galaxy A20e
  8. Galaxy A20s
  9. Galaxy A21
  10. Galaxy A21s
  11. Galaxy A30
  12. Galaxy A30s
  13. Galaxy A31
  14. Galaxy A40
  15. Galaxy A41
  16. Galaxy A50
  17. Galaxy A50s
  18. Galaxy A51
  19. Galaxy A51 (5G Connectivity)
  20. Galaxy A60
  21. Galaxy A70
  22. Galaxy A70s
  23. Galaxy A71
  24. Galaxy A71 (5G Connectivity)
  25. Galaxy A80
  26. Galaxy A8s
  27. Galaxy A90 (5G Connectivity)
  28. Galaxy A Quantum

Galaxy M Series 

Apart from Note, S, and A, the M series phones will also get Android 11 updates as well. 

  1. Galaxy M01
  2. Galaxy M11
  3. Galaxy M21
  4. Galaxy M30s
  5. Galaxy M31
  6. Galaxy M40

Now coming to the ultimate question, “Will my Galaxy device receive Android 11?”. The answer is “Yes”, if you have one of these devices, then surely you will have Android 11, sooner or later.