Significance of Child Safety while Online Learning

The internet is the largest source of learning materials. From playschool level to college grades, every kind of learning facility is available on the internet. Now you can train your kids, with game-based learning applications available online to improve their engagement and analytical power to solve problems.

Moreover, such games will test their presence of mind, logical reasoning and practical behaviours. But, letting the network-enabled device, left with your kids, might pop up a question about your child safe online. Are they really safe online when you hear about cyberbullying, gaming addictions and other cyber risks, daily?

Well, learning can’t wait for anything. During pandemic situations, kids have to proceed with learning through online classes conducted by their schools. Online classes have made it way easier to maintain both education and hygiene measures for children. But, everything comes with both pros and cons. So, cyber risks through online can turn into a major issue unless you can’t treat them with enough knowledge, positive attitudes and a set of digital disciplines. 

So, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach your kids about online safety. Moreover, discuss the benefits and risks of online learning. Additionally, encrypt the devices with a strong password for improved identity protection. Maintain cybersecurity protocols so that inappropriate contents can’t trespass to your kid.

Apart from parental controls, you can optimize the access controls for your kids. Furthermore, the schools should also follow cybersecurity norms so that none of the threats can reach the students through online links. The schools should check all the required settings for safe online learning.

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