Virtual Reality

Science strives to cater to all the concerns of man, be it a necessity or the wants. Now, this includes entertainment concerns as well. Therefore, the incorporation of technology into leisure demands of man is promising.

And, this calls for the involvement of the new trends, for instance, Virtual Reality as well as Augmented Reality. Thanks to the contribution of Artificial Intelligence.

Virtual Reality or Augmented ones are the products which showcase a new dimension to mortal beings.

Not just one, the products reveal diverse scenes and times. It is just as though humans tread in a parallel universe simply sitting at their sofa.

Now, reverting back to the configuration and to be specific. Humans can feel and experience an out of the box situation as if they have been transported to separate time and space due to the sophisticated technical solutions.

The computer-generated worlds are such a major success due to the exceptional graphics, quality audio, and plenty of prompt A.I. features.

Furthermore, the VR and AR programs are so prompt and sophisticated that in the years to come, the devices will enter into the houses of the common man as well.

Such is the growth of its popularity and demand. With the higher quality of the visuals, VR devices strive to create a more natural and “real” world.

The makers, with time, are coming more close to match the human manners of the interaction with the environment in reality.

However, in this article, I will discuss some of the significant Virtual Reality shifts or trends in 2019.

Notable Virtual and Augmented Reality Trends in 2019

Most readers will ponder on the probability of the prosperity of AI and VR technology. And, this section deals with those queries and doubts comprehensively in details as well.

With time, the devices and their programs perpetually develop. Such change is key to maintaining the position and popularity of the devices in the market.

You can live the life of a medieval lad, visit the outer space, or experience something spiritual simply sitting on your mundane couch with the VR device. A real escapist method.

Moreover, there is yet another method which can fuse two worlds together! The Augmented Reality is something which can add to your living or bedroom with the otherworldly elements.

For instance, you can witness a deer jump around and dodge the coffee table. Or a tiny porcupine getting some rest on your white cozy bed.

Additionally, such experience triggering devices have the potential to linger and hold the modern market for entertainment with its ever-lasting grip.

How? All your answer is lying underneath. Each sub-section discusses each procedure and manners in which VR and AR strive to maintain their identity and importance.

Now, you may have heard the popular phrase which states that transformation is key to be in an impressive state constantly. The developers and creators, with time, incorporate new and fresh techniques to gain popularity.

1. AI Boosts the AR and VR Experiences

Smart and cognitive functionality is what developers build and integrate the AR and VR devices. Computer vision is a technology that enables computers to perceive what they observe from the cameras.

Also, we can expect the algorithms of Machine Learning which enable such peculiarities to become increasingly potent and sophisticated.

The diverse camera filters which are present in applications like Snapchat and Instagram.

For instance, overlay the dog face which reacts by sticking out the puppy tongue on-screen when we do so. Such programs are integrated with AI fused with the elements of Augmented Reality.

Moreover, for more scientific concerns, Google’s microscope is Machine Learning-enabled. Also, it can highlight the tissue that it suspects could probably be a cancerous tumor development.

In this way, they are contributing to the development of medical care.

The types of environment in the worlds which VR portrays are likely to become increasingly intelligent with time. The incorporation of voice control which grows from the natural processing of language by Artificial Intelligence.

Now, over to gaming, the player will encounter engaging and challenging opponents. Also, the players will have the power to react as well as to adapt to the impacts and situations promptly.

2. Integrating AR and VR in Teaching and Training

Students will learn better when something of their interest is involved in the process of teaching.

Besides, the exceptional projection of a thesis or a presentation regarding the study material will effectively engage every child or student in the class. Plus, the level of their interest to know more will be extremely high.

Therefore, all the students, regardless of their capabilities, will be more attentive.

In the field of education, technology has ample contribution. The traditional days where only the blackboard and chalk used to be the equipment of the teacher to draw and explain are now gone.

Whiteboard has replaced the black ones to serve both purposes. The class, now, has a surface which tells us what the projector “thinks”.

Furthermore, students experience real-world training or practice for anything. To learn how to fly a plane or to have a “first-person” experience of conducting surgery, thanks to the advent of VR headsets, all those are now possible.

Moreover, the US army has announced and published their association with Microsoft to incorporate their HoloLens technology into training the cadets and rendering military training.

This indicates that the individuals will receive real-time readings and assessment of the environment. Also, it displays the real-time metrics in order to assess the soldiers’ performance reading the breathing and heart rates.

Now, all such qualities in teaching become extremely cost-effective. The teaching, as well as the training for diverse individuals, is a boon to teachers.

In this way, the educational sector is gradually becoming extremely strong and advanced. Even the complex explanations have now found an easy route.

3. Consumer Entertainment VR hits the Mainstream

Now, over to something anticipated. In domestic spaces, the adoption of Virtual Reality headsets recently hit the market, roughly about a couple of years ago. But, the application and the hardware developers haven’t created an ultimate app just yet.

However, there have been gradual but significant developments and so many exciting and sophisticated are yet to enter everyone’s dwelling.

The earlier VR had plenty of limitations and constraints. Also, the components which were incorporated into the headsets and the internal technology were of low quality.

The graphics of the devices are also pretty much low which hinders the players or viewers to have access to enjoy the VR ultimate experience.

Now, the developers and creators strive to make accurate simulation and incorporate the realistic aspect. Also, they are aware of the fact that tech-savvy entertainment seeks would not approve of something attached to cords and cables.

Drifting into another dimension demands absolute freedom from shackles in the real world or else both may clash since the cord may unplug with one pull.

In this way, the new generation headsets for VR will transform the technology which powers the virtual experience. But, how? It would also integrate features like eyeball-tracking as well as the increased view field.

Thus, interaction skills and player reflexes tend to respond smoothly.

4. Parallel Environments become Increasingly Collaborative and Social

Now, over to some “real” leisure and gathering. With VR as well as AR devices, people can actually interact, socialize, and relax with their peer group.

Besides quality video calling, VR, and AR have made it possible to experience togetherness and not let distance play as an excuse.

Spatial is one of the popular tools for Augmented Reality. For office or boardrooms, basically in places where the users can witness virtual pinboards or design documents overlaid on real-world physical items.

Additionally, the VR headsets, too, render a “real” gathering experience. As if they are sitting next to and opposite to you around the coffee table.

So, geographical distance doesn’t seem to be as problematic when you can catch up with your loved ones just with a few touches and clicks. But sadly, to touch them, you have to fly back home or to their places.

Predictions of the increase of the VR and AR sales, the year 2019 will bring new and exceptionally advanced devices.

Now, one can have a slightly different but engaging experience while they are so far from each other!

5. AR crawling for incorporation into vehicles

Business industries? Check. Institutions? Check. Homes? Check. Vehicles? Yes, check!

Autonomous cars have already entered the market years ago. However, the developers are engaged to create other technology for Artificial Intelligence to astonish us till we grow used to their advanced actions.

However, two of the most important shifts in new vehicles will be the audio assistants. Another is the integration of the intelligence like that of Alexa and Siri which is yet to happen.

This year is yet to bring the AR in a car. Now, how is this beneficial?

It actually would help you to display historic landmarks and hazards as well.

Alibaba backed up and financed the startup named WayRay which aims to project data and media onto the windshield of the car providing navigation prompts, lane identification, hazard detection, and the right-of-way data.

However, in-car Augmented Reality has the potential to enhance safety by enabling the driver to maintain their sight on the road. Also, the driver sits comfortably and operates with convenience.

It’s a Wrap

The inventions are not confined to being machine-induced. The tag Artificial Intelligence indicates the birth of machines which can sense, think, and are more close to the reality incorporating natural aspects.

Also, they resemble humans so much so that the bots can even make an appointment with doctors or at the salon on their own without the engagement of humans.

And, the voice sounds so humane. Here, we mean the voice presents all the factors which make us human, like the dilemmas and confusion before arriving at a decision to fix the time and date.

So, such is the development now with AI. And, this article covers plenty of aspects which will develop in 2019.