Things to Do if Windows 10 Updates Crashed the Browsers

The May 2020 updates of Windows 10 have been creating a lot of trouble for the Windows PC and other device users. And, now it has affected the browsers. Not only Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, but also the official Windows default browser got affected by the bugs in the update files. Several users have already reported that the browsers are getting random pop up boxes. 

The software giant, Microsoft has received all the complaints from the users. They have started investigating the matter. Soon, the affected PC users will receive the fixes from the host. According to some reports, several PC users of Windows 10 version 2004 also became the victim. 

What is the Exact Problem?

People are facing their worst experience with Microsoft Edge. People are complaining that when they are turning on the computer, the browser is opening automatically. Apart from Edge, the users are getting signed out from the browser automatically. In addition to that, they also have tried uninstalling and then re-installing the browser, but it went in vain. In the case of Chrome browsers, the application is unexpectedly shutting down in between the work.

The Negative Impact on the Browsers 

The downloading and installing of the May 2020 Windows 10 updates has created the unconditional barriers in the browsers. Google always tries to improve the Chrome browsers but this update has caused serious problems. They are unable to fix the issue and rely on the software giant Microsoft to fix the problem. 

Now, coming to the Chrome browser, it is the product of Opera. The browser is a little bit sophisticated as it contains a sandbox. The sandbox gives perfect security to the users, those who perform banking and other monetary transactions. Unfortunately, the updates had made the sandbox so vulnerable that people are unable to use the sandbox. 

Several users have also reported that they are unable to use the Mozilla Firefox browser. Whenever they are going to access the settings, downloads, or navigate to other sections, it is shutting down unexpectedly. 

In addition to that, on opening the browser, the selected home page is also not opening automatically. The saved pages also cannot be found by the users, thus the automatic deletion of the browsing data is taking place. 

Additional Problems to be Found

There are some other problems found by the experts and the users. Therefore, let’s check them out. In doing so, people who haven’t yet installed the May updates will get the ultimate awareness.

Errors in Desktop and Tablet Modes

Windows 10 has basically two modes- One is the desktop and the other are the tablet mode. The May 2020 update files are forcing the PC to enter into the tablet mode beyond the wish of the users. Some of the laptops that have the touch-screen are not working properly. The customized layouts on the computer screen are crumbled on its own and the users are unable to set it up. 

Abnormal Printer Behaviours 

Moreover, printers like Deskjet, inkjet, and laserjet printers, that are connected to these systems, has stopped working. These reports came from the Windows 10 users along with HP, Canon, Panasonic, and Brother printers. Whenever they are trying to print their desired documents, either the printers are not turning or stopped printing in the midway. 

The Danger Zone for HDD

The secondary storages, hard disk drivers are at risk after the installation of the updates. According to some users, those who have already installed the updates have reported serious issues. Some of their important files have been deleted automatically and a few files have been corrupted. 

Windows installing Options Vanished

After the download of the latest updates, a few users cannot even find the ‘Install’ button. After searching for the OS, they cannot find it. It is the buggy updates that are responsible for the vanishing of the Installation button. 

What the Users should do with the Buggy Updates?

Microsoft has officially announced that they will fix all the issues in the next updates. So, what should the users do now in this time interval? That is why the software giant, along with other tech experts have shared certain valuable tips. These will keep on rolling their PC until the next update comes into the picture. 

Update the Browsers Separately 

It is obvious that every browser in the PC will get affected by the buggy updates. That is why all the users must update their every browser separately. Hopefully, people will not face any type of difficulties while using browsers. 

The experts say that the buggy Windows update consists of certain files that have the ability to carry on the installed browsers to its latest version. When people browse separately, the new files will delete and replace the existing buggy files. 

Make the PC Roll Back to the Previous Version

Lastly, to get rid of the problem temporarily, delete the May 2020 update files. This procedure is always recommended by the host, Microsoft itself. In order to perform this procedure, the users have to access the ‘Settings’. 

They have to move on to the ‘View Update History’. After that, the list of installed updates will appear. Checking the dates and then uninstalling the updates will do the job. After that, they will restart the system to save changes. 


Before opting the procedure of deleting update files and restoring the computer, users must take the back up of the entire data. An external HDD will prove to be beneficial. According to tech professionals, all the Windows users must not instantly download and install the update after release. But, they must wait for the reviews and check whether the latest update is free from bugs or not.