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Is your Apple Watch one of your closest companions? Well, it’s the same story for thousands of other users. For a more fabulous experience, consider adding some useful apps to your favorite android watch. There is a wide range of incredible applications that you can enable on the device. Not only they are useful but also available for free.

Admittedly, Apple Watch is one of the leading personal devices. The company indeed makes sure you get 100% satisfaction with its products. Confused about what apps to go with? To make your day better, here’s a list of the best free apple watch apps 2018.

Leading Free Apps for Your Apple Watch

You had to pay quite a handsome amount for getting your dream watch. You needn’t worry anymore about additional costs for getting its peak performance. Have a look at the following must-have incredible apps.

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In a sad event, Twitter stepped away from Apple Watch. This effectively ended connection to your timeline. Thanks to Chirp, it’s back!

Using Chirp, you can easily navigate through your timeline and keep up with the latest trends. Also, you can scan through all your mentions and retweet anything you like.

Additionally, you can unlock the pro version of Chip. With this, you get brilliant perks like directly posting what you want.


To be honest, this application has no replacement. It helps you remember essential things by creating “cheats” right on your wrist. You get to add, remold or remove up to three cheats. In case you need more than three, you have to open the full version. Moreover, it charges a minimal $2.99 for unlocking. But, you won’t get sound security and encryption like other applications. However, CheatSheet is your go-to app for rapid access to short notes. In case you have any doubts or queries, reach Apple Tech Support.


Without a doubt, this app is a global sensation. It is the fastest and easiest tool for identifying songs on the go. You need just to launch the app and tap on the screen. Within a few seconds, Shazam identifies what song you are listening.

In fact, actor Jamie Foxx loved this app so much that he made a TV show out of it. Also, he hosts the popular show Beat Shazam with his daughter.

Sleep ++

Over-Sleeping is not a healthy practice. Why not make your Apple Watch your one-stop solution? With Sleep++, you get to monitor your sleep patterns.

Indeed, the most incredible feature is its ability for automatic sleep detection. As soon as you fall asleep, Sleep ++ becomes active. On the other hand, it turns off when you wake up.

The Score app

If you are a sports enthusiast, you probably hate getting late updates. Whether you follow professionals or amateurs, Score gives you all updated information. Apart from that, you can customize the app according to your preferences.

Apple Heart Study

You never know when your Apple Watch becomes your savior. With Stanford Medicine as a partner, Apple created this brilliant app that monitors your heart. It can identify irregular heartbeat patterns and notifies you right away. Also, there will be more updates to the app that will undoubtedly help you detect health emergencies.

Night Sky

Several hikers often notice astonishing stars and constellations on the sky. However, it’s usually impossible to know their names. With Night Sky, it’s now a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can find out when the International Space Station is flying over your head. To know more on how this works, connect within Apple Tech Support.

PCalc Lite

A sudden need for a calculator?  Well, you don’t even need to have your phone anymore for that. By enabling PCalc Lite, you can do all basic mathematical calculations on your wrist.


Arguably, this is one of the most stellar applications that you need to have. With this, you can write, record and even view notes on your android watch. On top of that, you can also access notes that are on your iPhone.

Map My Run

Your days of worrying about health are gradually fading. Download this application and make your life better. You get to monitor your distance and duration along with heart rate.

Grab the Moment with these Fantastic Apps!

Your watch isn’t just an electronic device anymore.  Afterall, it is more than capable of being your best friend and motivator. All you need to do is enable these brilliant and free apps on your watch. Therefore, trust in Apple and watch out for more! Also, Contact Apple Support to know more about these fascinating apps.


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