Top 3 Software Uninstaller 2018 To Remove The Stubborn Software

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Because of some of the stubborn software, your PC goes through several problems at times. For example, disk storage shortage, app crashing, slow PC performance and many other critical issues that might affect your computer and makes your work much harder. And the worst part is some of the software doesn’t even have the uninstall option and keeps defeating your system on a constant basis. In that situation, you may become completely clueless about what to do next.

What Does A Software Uninstaller Do For You?

Thankfully, this problem has a solution and applying it is pretty easy. There is so many dedicated software available in the market today to remove that stubborn software from your system. So your PC becomes much faster and cleaner. In fact, they can help you avoid the virus and malware attacks that get access through those unnecessary apps. By using those programs, you can easily uninstall multiple programs at once. And also eliminate the residual entries and files automatically with the help of the uninstall programs.

Gift The Best Software Uninstaller Program To Your PC

Other than uninstalling the software from your system, an efficient uninstaller program also helps you monitor new programs. Also, it reverses the changes that they have already made on your system for more thorough results. Here you will find the best uninstall programs for your system that works perfectly on any of the operating systems. But in case your criteria is a bit different, you can get a free trial of them and check their performance on your PC. Later on, you can always make your final choice and remove the other programs as soon as you make up your mind.

Ashampoo Uninstaller 7

This is a feature-packed program that deletes every single trace of the unwanted software from your PC in the most effective way. It will show you a list of the software that you have recently installed on your system. On the other hand, you will also find the dates of installation and the star ratings of them. Basically, this indicates the necessity of the software and lets you think twice before you decide to keep it.

In case you have a few unfamiliar programs on your system, you will be able to see only the ones with negative ratings. As soon as Ashampoo uninstalls a software, you can check how much disk storage you are having right now. This program attempts to hide the original uninstaller of the software. So you don’t have to go through thousands of steps and get into any other website to do the task.

And the best part is, Ashampoo 7 also has the ability to remove the pre-installed Windows apps and your browser plugins. Finally, you can remove those apps from the system that never gave you the uninstall option. As some extra benefits, you will also get a file recovery tool, general drive recovery tool, registry cleaner and many other features in this single program.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo software uninstaller

In the similar fashion to Ashampoo 7, Revo uninstaller also helps you track the changes to your PC’s files and registry on the real-time basis as soon as you install a software. It efficiently uninstalls the software and removes all the trace of it as is it never existed. No residual files and no more registry entries. So basically, this doesn’t let your system keep any single piece of the unnecessary software and keeps your PC completely free.

There are three options that you can find in this program: uninstall, force uninstall and quick uninstall. If you have chosen the regular uninstall option, it will run the actual uninstall program of the software. There you will have to scan the residual files through your preferred mode from safe, moderate and advance. The second option stands for removing the residual files and registry of your already uninstalled software. And the third one removes the software very fast and then scan the leftovers on its own.

Though Revo’s interface is not at all that attractive and that’s not the only thing an uninstaller program should have. It’s powerful and effective features make it much more lucrative. If you consider the ratings, it comes second in the ranking after Ashampoo uninstaller 7.

Geek Uninstaller Pro

Geek uninstaller gives you the opportunity to handle both regular and forced uninstall of your unnecessary software. It will deliberately show you the date and timing when you actually installed the software. Also, you can check the version number of each of the software and the publisher-helpful. In case you are unable to recognize how this software actually came into PC, Geek will show you that too.

This uninstaller program comes with both free trial packs and premium packs. Trial option is basically for the newbies who are just experimenting with its uses. But the premium pack offers much more efficient features that can make a complete scanning of your PC and keeps it flawless. The exciting part is, in order to get the premium Geek uninstaller program, you just have to make a one-time payment. US$24.95 is the net amount that you have to pay and thankfully it sustains for a lifetime.

There are some programs that don’t have the uninstall option, so you cannot remove it in the usual way. For that stubborn software, Geek has a “hidden” feature that can force-uninstall it easily. But whether removing it is a safe option or not is a bit controversial matter. Here, you will also get some extra features like task scheduler. Moreover, it is an amazing software with some excellent features to keep your system clean and fast.

Last But Not the Least!

All things considered, I would suggest you test all them on your own and check which one is more compatible with your PC. Because sometimes even an exclusive program fails to perform properly on some of the devices. So there is no use in taking the risk. Make the right decision after a thorough scrutiny.


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