Transfer Songs from Windows Media Player to iPod

Apple is the most famous American brand of electronic gadgets. Since 1976 it maintained a goodwill and captured the global market. iPod is basically Apple’s portable media player. Apple’s gadgets are hands down the best ones on the market. Due to the different operating system, connecting iPod with other devices can be a little complicated. If you are looking to transfer songs from Windows Media Player to iPod then this article will provide you with the answer you need.

Transfer Songs from Windows Media Player to iPod

We often store our music collection on our computer. And the problem begins when we try to synchronize our collection with iPod. The transfer procedure is quite tricky since the operating system and built-in integration of two devices are different. However, there are two ways you can try for transferring the songs. You can try the traditional method with the help of iMusic or you can use third-party software.

Transfer Songs from Windows Media Player to iPod

Transfer Songs by Using iMusic

iMusic is a management tool made for Apple device. It helps in organizing, converting and transferring files. iMusic supports almost all the types of audio format including .mp3, .wmv, .avi, and .aac. iMusic comes with a list of exciting features. Apart from synchronizing your music library and transferring songs, you can do many things. Like, you can discover and download songs from a vast collection. Also, it allows you to record unlimited music with it. Further, you can backup, rebuild and fix your iTune collection with iMusic.

Therefore, download iMusic for getting your job done easily and quickly. Now that you know about this amazing tool, let’s see how to transfer songs with it. Follow the steps for completing the procedure.

Step 1

For transferring songs from Windows Media Player to iPod begin by doing two things. Download the iMusic application and launch it in your device. Once you are done with downloading iMusic, check the exact location of the folders of Windows media player. You need the folder where you stored all your songs.

Step 2

Now, connect your Apple iPod with your computer. On the top of the navigational panel of your iMusic application, you will find an option called ‘device’. Here, you have to look for the option called ‘music’ and click on it.

Step 3

Once you entered the ‘music’ option you will find an option ‘Add’. Now this option will ask for the location of your songs. You have to direct it to your Windows Media Player folder. After this, all the songs from your Windows Media Player folder will transfer to your iPod. In case you have any confusion you can seek help from Apple Tech Support.

Transfer Songs with Third-Party Software

iMusic is not the easiest way of transferring songs. Although it is fast and safe still, it is not the only way of transferring media files. You can use third-party software to get your work done. You can use software like iSkysoft iTransfer. The procedure is almost similar to the iMusic one. You have to download the software and transfer files with it. However, it is better to use iMusic. Third-party software is not always completely safe. Besides, when you use any software it requires permission for accessing several files on your device. You may not feel comfortable giving it all the permission it asks for.

Additional Note

Now that you know how to transfer songs from Windows media player to iPod, you can enjoy your music collection in your preferable device. Meanwhile, you have to keep a few things in mind. Though iMusic and other software are powerful tools for converting and transferring songs, they do have some limitations. Not all the audio formats are compatible with iPod. In case the file you are transferring has any issue with compatibility it can be helped with iMusic. For any further queries, you can contact iPod Support Number.


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