VPN free download for Windows 10

A Virtual Network helps to create a secure private connection between more than one computer. It helps to transfer the data between all the PCs connected to the same network. To perform this task, one has to complete VPN free download for Windows 10.

Download Free VPN For Windows 10 & Install it

  1. First, open the genuine VPN provider’s site and accept the IKEv2 certificate to your PC.
  2. Then, double-tap on the certified file and you can see that a security alert window that appears. Click on Open to open the next window.vpn free download windows 10
  3. In the new window, click on Install Certificate.  You can see the Certificate Import Wizard window on the screen. Choose the Local Machine radio button and tap on Next.
  4. Now, verify that all the options necessary are selected in the next window and click on Browse.
  5. Next, you can see a small window with a tree of folders; choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Then, confirm it by pressing the OK button for going back to the Certificate Import Wizard window. Click, Next and Finish respectively to close the current window. Then, press OK to complete the step.
  6. When done, the certificate installation process will start and it will take 2-3 minutes to finish.

Make sure that you have selected IKEv2 as the VPN type. Another important thing is that you need to use the provider furnished data such as server name, address, username, and passcode correctly.

free vpn download for the windows 10Setup A VPN Connection

You can create a VPN connection in multiple ways. In Windows 10, the Cortana facility makes it easy to do. If you are comfortable with it, you can use the Settings app to complete the VPN setup process.

Via Cortona

  1. After a successful installation, press the Windows key from the keyboard and type “VPN” in the Cortana search box. You can see the VPN file in the menu list. Choose it and hit the Enter key to open the settings.
  2. Choose the option Change virtual private networks (VPN) and go to the built-in VPN Client settings.
  3. After that, double-tap on Add a VPN Connection to configure the connection status. In the resultant window, you can see the details of your VPN Connection.
  4. Choose the drop-down menu by clicking VPN Provider and choose Windows (built-in)  and make it the default option. It will automatically change the VPN type as Automatic.download vpn for windows
  5. Now, go to the log-in section and enter the correct username, and password under the option Type of sign-in info.
  6. Next, fill in the Connection Name and Server Name/Address properly given by your Network service provider.
  7. Go to the bottom section of the window and enter the login credentials again. Once the information is loaded, click on the Save button and press Enter to close the VPN settings window.
  8. Once done, click on the Wi-Fi icon from the system tray on the desktop taskbar. Choose the newly created VPN Connection. It will automatically try to connect and after a few times, you can see the connection is established.

From Settings App

  • Tap on the Start button and choose Settings (Gear Icon) from the menu.
  • In this Settings app, go to the Network & Internet section and choose VPN. After that, follow the above steps(2-7) to complete the entire process.

The VPN connection supports various connection types such as IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP.  But, as your system has accepted the IKEv2 rule, verify before using the connection details.

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VPN Free Download For Windows 10

vpn download for windows

  1. Choose the Network icon from the bottom-right corner of the screen and click on Network Settings.
  2. Navigate the VPN settings and choose the option Add a VPN Connection.
  3. Modify the resultant page with the correct information and configure the PPTP connection configuration properly.
  4. Fill VPN provider as Windows (built-in)  and set connection name as MPN GBR. Now, come to the server field and enter the address as gbr.mypn.co.
  5. After that, set the VPN Username and passcode properly. As you are using a free version, you need to use the details below and create a private network. Focus on the Type of sign-in info. Here, you will get two fields. Enter Your MPN username as the account username and use the MPN passcode in the password text box.
  6. Then, select the checkbox Remember my sign-in and tap on Save to store the entire details for further use. You must be able to see the MPR GBR icon under the VPN section.
  7. To enable the connection, choose the newly created VPN connection and click on Connect. If the private network under the VPN connection is created successfully, then the status of the VPN Connection will be changed into Connected automatically. Moreover, you can see the VPN icon on your taskbar system tray that will confirm VPN Free Download for Windows 10.

How Do I Setup A VPN On Two Computers Windows 10?download free vpn

  1. After initiating the outgoing VPN connection on the first computer through a free VPN download for windows 10
  2. process, open the second one. Now, open the Network and Sharing Settings from the Start menu.
  3. Go to the Change adapter settings tab to manage the connections. After that, choose New Incoming Connection under the File menu (you will get it by hitting Alt+F from the keyboard).
  4. From the wizard window, select your first device name and click Next under the VPN Settings.
  5. When done, tap on Allow Access after selecting the network type as TCP/IPV4. Close all the windows.

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Troubled With IKEv2? Apply This Easy Fix

download free vpn for windows 10

VPN free download for windows 10 is not a tough job for the users. Rather it is one of the most effective and time-saving methods to create a private network. Sometimes, an inappropriate setup of the VPN type becomes one of the barriers for creating a smooth private network. However, you may try out the steps below and get rid of the problem easily.

  1. Right-click on the Wi-Fi icon or the Ethernet icon from the taskbar system tray. Now, open the Network and Sharing Center from the menu.
  2. Here, you can see the VPN Connection menu and right-click on it.
  3. Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the connection type and go to the Properties from the menu.
  4. Select the Advanced option and open the IP Settings under it.
  5. After that, tick the Use default gateway on a remote network checkbox and click on OK to confirm the new setup.
  6. When done, close all the active windows and try to connect through the newly created VPN.

Best VPN For PC Free Download Windows 10

vpn download

A lot of free VPNs are available in the digital marketplace. You can choose according to their performances, accessibilities and based on their speeds.

The Hotspot Shield Free VPN

This VPN provides a high-security private network to the users. It allows the data usage facility up to 500MB/day. People prefer it for its easy accessibility but the performance is quite low.


This security VPN is very user-friendly. If you install it on a device, then you can use it both for your system and mobile device. But, it provides low data that can be used for only small tasks.


This VPN is largely used in the IT industry for its huge allowance facility. The users can use up to 10GB/day with high security. But, it doesn’t support Android devices.


If you want to encrypt the data with a high-speed connection, then Speedify is ideal for this purpose. Though it allows only1GB of data and software which is capable to give a low-level performance.best vpn for windows

ProtonVPN Free

If you need a bulk amount of internet data with high security, you can use this alternative. It gives the users access to unlimited data per day.


If you want a high-speed private network with strong privacy, then this VPN is perfect for you. It is user-friendly but only one device can access it at a time and the service is limited within a specific area in the world.

We hope VPN free download for windows 10 will now be quite easy if you go through this article properly. It will be beneficial especially for a non-tech-savvy person for establishing a trouble-free private network quickly.

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