Torrentz2 is basically a clone of TorrentZ. It is a free, fast, and strong file distribution system which combines results from various search engines. The main purpose of involves keeping the spirit of high. is undoubtedly the greatest file distribution system available and is mostly used by movie lovers.


 However, it can be used by the cyber-criminals who mainly focus on the user details and use them for the villainous act. This is primarily a clone. You won’t get fresh Torrents same as the KAT Clone. Torrent’s search engine generates search results after accessing millions of files. Torrent sites become very famous because of a larger community.
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Torrentz Search Enginetorrent search engine

Torrentz Search Engine is nothing but a famous site for different Torrent files. Although Torrentz is one of the famous Torrent file distribution system, according to some of the experts it is likely to be cloned using a different platform. However, the exact reason for the site being cloned is not clear. According to some experts, the site does not shut down simply. Rather it is forced to shut down owing to some legal actions.

Another version of Torrentz Search Engine fostered tremendous response in early 2018. This version contains over 31 million active Torrents situated on more than 125 million sites. Moreover, this site is very much different from its earlier versions. However, it is not present in Google-powered search capabilities.

torrentz2 euWhat Is previously called is the most popular Bit Torrent metasearch engine indexing different torrent websites like KickassTorrents, BT Junkie, and the PirateBay. According to recent statistics, it is one of the top-rated websites among all the other Bit Torrent websites. has more than one million community users. However, there are several other alternatives after it’s been banned.

Torrentz2 Movie

Torrentz2 Movie is nothing but a small private finder for several types of movies like Crime, Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi and many more. It contains only 1000 Torrents. However, it has a big user database which can reach up to 37000 memb.


Movieie-Torrentz is basically a part of ViP3R. It contains other internal encoders, such as 2Lions, Atomic, and m2g. However, Tracker Interface is written in English. Although, is very much easy and attractive too. There is also an adult section. But you need to donate to become a VIP. Then you have access to the XXX cinema.

Is Torrentz2 Blocked In India?

As you can call it a New Digital India. The Indian Government, using the internet service providers and also on the order of the court has banned many torrent websites. Also, it has removed many URLs in the past five years. However, till now if you go through this blocked website everything seems fine. Although, if you make an attempt to visit the links and receive information, it will be termed as an unbailable offense. You will get a three-year jail sentence along with a fine of 3 lakhs.torrentz2.

This is due to viewing or downloading a particular torrent file from the hostname that is banned in India. Also, it may occur because of seeing an image on a file host like ImageBam. You don’t have the provision to download a torrent file or any kind of video. Only accessing the information using a banned URL will lead to a jail sentence.

The search functionality of this site has been disabled. Moreover, the registered users won’t be able to login to the same site any longer. Also, there is a pop-up from Google showing an error that the site’s security certificate got expired.

torrentZTherefore, you won’t be able to access this. Although Torrentz Search Engine does not contain any torrents on the site, it is merely a search engine having millions of active users. TorrentZ is very handy to use linked with the top torrent sites which help people to view the trackers connected with the torrent. Also when the trackers were removed from different Torrent hosts and offered a strong functionality along with permitting the user to look for thousands of websites.

The site’s closure mainly occurs after the KickAss torrents which may be regarded as the world’s best torrent websites get vanished after American law enforcement agency seizes it.

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Which Torrent Sites Are Working?

torrent siteYou may require a handful of Torrentz sites that are still functional. Also, it should help the tracker that actually work. After performing speed tests and undergoing thorough research on each site, we have got some of the best Torrentz websites.

torrent sitePirate Bay

  • It is one of the popular Torrent websites available.
  • Pirate Bay has several shutdowns as well as blocks.
  • However, there are VIP/trusted user tags which might help you to understand which Torrent sites are legal and safe to use.
  • The average downloading speed of the Pirate Bay is 3.2 Mb/s.
  • The Pirate Bay is built with millions of torrents available in various categories as well as supporting magnetic links.


  • It has an active community and has a lot of seedings.
  • This TorrentZ site contains several new and old torrents.
  • RARBG has earned huge fame top quality torrents and easiness. Moreover, there is a frequent addition of new features.
  • It has an average downloading speed of 2.3 MB/s.
  • You can also use other sites like,,

1337x – Best Browsing Torrents

  • This Torrentz2 website is mainly for movie lovers, TV Series, Games, Music, etc.
  • It is helpful because of several browsing features like Oscar nominations, new episodes, libraries, and many more.
  • The Torrent website contains revamped interfaces which makes it dynamic.
  • This Torrentz2 website is properly organized and has a well-built interface.
  • It has an average downloading speed of 1.9 MB/s.

TorLock-Awesome for Anime and Downloading Ebookstorrentz sites

  • This Torrentz2 movie website contains a wide variety of active anime, ebooks, and music torrents.
  • It has some clean and instinctive features.
  • This Torrentz website will provide you with 100 torrent list to get the best content.
  • It has an average downloading speed of 3.5 Mb/s.

Torrentz2 – Best For Music

  • It has a vast range of music files.
  • Torrentz2 is extremely handy.
  • Although it has a very low profile.
  • Torrentz2 contains a new repetition of the famous Torrentz website.
  • It has an average downloading speed of 2.0 MB/s.

YTS – Ultimate For Movies

  • It is a great choice of movie lovers available for classic as well as latest hits.
  • This torrent website is best for those users having minimum bandwidth.
  • YTS has an awesome interface.
  • This is useful and Torrentz search engine friendly. It can be easily sorted.
  • It is very much suitable for your choice of bandwidth which is one of the key features.
  • This TorrentZ movie website has an average downloading speed of 2.2 MB/s.
  • It has an average downloading speed of 2.2 MB/s.

EZTV – Best for TV Shows

  • This Torrentz website is very good for a variety of TV Shows.
  • There are many new episodes which were added on a daily basis.
  • It has an active user community.
  • This is very to use.
  • It has an average downloading speed of 2.0 MB/s.

Zooqle – Ultimate New Torrent Site

  • It contains almost 3.5 million of verified contents.
  • Zooqle maintains a good relationship between entertainment and software.
  • This New Torrent Website has a huge fan base.
  • It has an average downloading speed of 1.9 MB/s.

How Do I Search For A Movie On µTorrent?

torrent2Please take into account that downloading movies are normally against law and order in many countries and this might result in copyright issues. Bit Torrent websites comprise of different adulteration contents and ads that can post a threat to your device. Therefore, please ensure that you know what you are clicking and downloading before starting the system.

Installing Torrent

  1. Go to the µTorrent website. Then provide the link in the URL bar.
  2. Then, press µTorrent or Free Download. There is a button you will find in the midst of the µTorrent page that tells your’s computer’s Operating System such as Windows.
  3. By performing this, you will be prompted to µTorrent to start downloading.
  4. Based on your browser, just press Save.
  5. Then, mention the download location before the downloading starts. Now, double-click on µTorrent File.
  6. Then, Click on Yes. After that, press Next two times and then press I Agree and then Choose Shortcut options.
  7. Then, press Next and then again click on Next. After that, press Decline based on recommended programs.
  8. Then, press Finish for ending the installation.
  9. Now, just open µTorrent by double-clicking the µTorrent icon. Then, you can start downloading movies with the help of µTorrent.

Searching For A Movie

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

Opening The Browser

First, open your preferred browser. Although it is advisable to use supported web browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox. This is because Internet Explorers sometimes become very much unsafe major torrent websites.

Browsing A particular Torrent Website

You need to browse to get an operational site rather than depending o a particular torrent website. The best way to get a torrent website is basically searching torrents on Google Chrome. Also, you can use other search engines too.

Writing The Movie’s Name In The Search Bar

Now, write the name of your Movie on the search box and then click on Enter. You will get the search bar present at the forefront of the website. Although the layout of the website may vary. When you search for your particular item it will bring back some search results. Use some particular terms that will generate more user-specific results.

How To Locate A Healthy Torrent

When you are downloading a torrent consider the below things carefully

  • Seeders

You will find the number present in the SEED column available on the right side of the page. It must be higher than the numbers in the LEECH column.

  • File Details

Please ensure that the file name, category, as well as other information,  is in the title matches exactly the one you are searching for.

  • Quality

Search for 720p in the title or higher resolution files that will match the DVD quality.

Any quality lower than that is considered to be very poor.

Press On Torrent For Reviewing The Feedback

torrent reviewThere are some other things you may look upon

  • Comments

Search for comments to find whether the torrent is safe and also has quality.

  • Rating

Ensure that the torrent has lower negative feedback and larger positive reviews.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article covers all the major points pertaining to Torrentz websites and its features. Please go through the user manual for any kind of instant solution. However, feel free to get in touch with us in case of any urgent issues.

If you are still not clear you can contact us on [email protected] or you can visit to the