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The new Apple watch 3 has been reported for triggering heart problems. But this watch has a particular feature which is way different from the other observations. This watch can measure the electrical activity of a person’s heart. Furthermore, it acts as a heart rate monitor. This article explores the issues monitored in Apple Watch Series 3. If you want to know more things and facts like these of Apple devices or need any assistance regarding any issues faced in Apple devices, you can straightaway approach Apple Tech Support.

Positive Outcomes-

Research from JAMA technology informs that four heart rate wrist-worn devices are available commercially. Those are Apple watch, Mio Fuse, Basis Peak and Fitbit Charge. We know that these devices give almost accurate heart rates, though not precise, as the Chest strap containing device.

The feature that makes Apple watch different from other devices is that it not only measures the heart rate but also measures the heart’s electrical waveform. Furthermore, it can detect the disease “Arrhythmia.”

Comparison of Apple Watch with ECG

Research says that we can compare Apple watch with the standard ECG device. They can say this from an experiment done over fifty-one patients. The cardioversion test on fifty-one patients clearly stated that the performance of Apple was not so good as compared to ECG. There was a 91 % positive prediction and 98 % negative prediction.

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It is unfortunate that Apple watch’s performance is not up to date. By research, we came to know that the watch’s performance was better in ill patients than in the healthy ones. There are particular reasons behind that.

It is well sufficient if we say that the number of times we perform the test on healthy people the more we get negative or false results. It was unable to diagnose Atrial fibrillation. Research study says that according to 2007 BMJ  when the analysis took place on 15000 patients above 65 years old, the watch was not able to screen Atrial Fibrillation. The productivity rate was not up to the mark.

Risks Involved

Comparing the disadvantages of this watch with ECG, we can come to a decision that it is better to check pulses from a doctor’s chamber and then perform ECG on the patient. That way we can be assured of better results.

There is a risk with some medical technologies. The risk involves engagement in wide-screening strategies of the population with a lot of flaws where the objective was to be an early-adopter.


The US task force cautions against ordering ECG’s in somewhat healthy or prone to low-risk patients. This warning is because of the advantages which don’t outweigh the risks by any means. Usually, the order comes for taking further tests for some minor abnormalities that have clinical insignificance.

There are a considerable number of problems with this Apple watch. It associates with 92 % false positive results all the time among the general population. It results in sending many patients to the Doctor’s chamber. They believe that they are fighting with ” Arrhythmia” when in truth they are not.

The Apple watch measuring electrical activity fails to regulate the actual heart rhythm. Results are always irregular.


We can finally conclude that Apple watch along with many advantages also comes with a lot of disadvantages as mentioned above. The false result is not at all acceptable to healthy and low-risk patients. It forces them to visit the Doctor from time to time. So, we can say that further research can improve the results.

Research teams are continually working together to make it better for low-risk patients. Either the patients prone to low risk will be able to improve their results, or the Apple watch will need to modify more. To know more about how the Apple watch is damaging the heart rate you can refer to the Apple Help Number.


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