a2 hosting review

Top hosting companies are providing brilliant services and more comprehensive options to grab the customers. A2 Hosting is one of the top hosting companies, and A2 hosting review by BigOfficer is among the top rated reviews. Let’s have a look at its brief review.

Introduction of A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting was established in 2001 not as a company but for the exposure. The owner and his initiating team worked hard on this company. The company improved its services and features by getting the different responses of the customers in different time periods. The customers always look for better services, and that was the reason behind the success of the company in previous years.

In accordance with, the company provided all kinds of hosting packages to the customers to spread the best services to everyone in the World. A2 hosting included many newer services for the customer to retain them and grow the brand equity and brand awareness of the company.


You might be anxious to hear about the ultimate features of one of the best hosting company. The unique and most attractive features are mentioned below.

  • Solid State Drives Storage for faster access
  • All kinds of Hosting plans, i.e. shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and all others
  • SSL certification of the websites for their security and safety
  • Offers the best versions of the popular software including the PHP 7
  • Servers spread all across the globe
  • Windows & Linux hosting plans for customers
  • Developer friendly hosting for the ease of the customers
  • Maximum Uptime Guarantee
  • Customer Support Services for the customers

These features satisfy the needs of every kind of customers because these features are enough for every website, e-commerce site or business.


What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer that acts as a transport layer between the user and the website. It improves the user access and secures the connection between the site and user. Google considers HTTPS websites safer.

Why we need backup?

Backup is being maintained by the company that can be used in a condition of data loss accidentally or due to the attack of any malware, etc.


  • Money Back Guarantee for the new customers of A2 Hosting
  • Free Site transfer on A2 Hosting
  • Free SSL certificate for the security and protection of websites
  • Commits to providing 20X faster-hosting services
  • 24/7 Customer Support Services with expert team


  • Malware Scan Services are not available
  • Turbo Server Option is available in expensive packages

Common User A2 Hosting Complaints

There are some flaws in the services of the company that is pointed out by most of the customers, and the company must improve those services for better growth and maintenance. According to the users, the company provides the priority services with extra charges that define the dual standards of the company, i.e. additional charges for priority support, etc. The company must give the customers a free domain registration in the packages of hosting.


A2 Hosting has been growing and maintaining its standards for many years, and this review provided us with a good image of the company. There are some mistakes of the company those can be improved by the company to avoid the lousy response from actual or potential customers. Overall, the company provides extraordinary features and services at cheaper rates.