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iOS Development

iOS is a very popular Operating System used in all the smartphones developed by Apple Inc. Since there are many Apple users, you can make a successful career by making business applications using iOS development. Apple encourages developers to build their own iPhone apps using SDK where you need to build the program. You have the provision to upload the app to the Apple Store. Also, you can share it among the users to download the same. Apple helps you with the opportunity to generate more revenue from the Apple Store. It is the second most used OS right after Android. It provides you the updated iOS Operating System via iTunes. This is also applicable to iOS 5.

 Need for iOS Developmentios app

If we search for a particular company developing apps for iOS smartphones, then have a look at the given features. The most important aspects that you must take into account while looking for an app developed by an iOS development company are given below:

There should be a unique development scheme with good designing features.

  1. The application must contain innovative features.
  2. It must also contain an interface which is easily understandable.
  3. The application should have a fast-start approach so that the product section is visible quickly.
  4. The application must have compatibility with several multiple Apple devices.
  5. You must follow certain terms and conditions of Apple.

Some Important Facts About iOS Development

Since the emergence of smartphones, mobile applications are grasping different parts of life like communication, entertainment, shopping and many more. Therefore, you must go through the following facts before starting iOS Development:

Tablet sales should rise to tie with the computer sales within the coming 2 yearsios app develop

  1. There is more usage of mobile apps when compared with the PC counterparts.
  2. You can develop mobile applications on several platforms.
  3. Majority of mobile developers use two or more platforms at a time.
  4. iOS is a great competitor of Android.
  5. It is one of the most purchased mobile operating systems available in the world.
  6. Moreover, advertising forms an important of generating more revenues.
  7. You can get almost 5 million apps in the Apple Store for downloading.
  8. According to statistics, 60% of the Apple apps were downloaded in 2017.

How will iOS Development Help in Generating More Revenue?

Revenue generated by mobile apps is increasing nowadays. Let’s have a look at the revenue models of iOS app developers

 In-App Advertising

Through In-App Advertising, you can download free apps having information about user location and behavior. With such information, it creates a willingness among advertisers to pay for it. Therefore, it makes the model sustainable and famous among iOS developers.

Although free apps attract more users, ads can compensate with user experience and the design can sometimes act as a roadblock for the further enhancement. However, limited in-app advertising can generate more revenue without compensating the user experience.


Through the Freemium model, iOS offers a wide range of free as well as paid features. Free features help in getting more users.  However, if you want to enjoy additional features, you need to unlock it by paying money. Because of the large user base, it helps in buying more added features.

The developer must maintain a proper balance between the free and paid features to minimize rejection rate and also provide proper incentives to buy extra features.


This model is the same as Freemium since it offers free predetermined content and also gives subscription for premium content and that too with a free trial. This instills trust among the users which, in turn, generate revenue for the developers. There is also a monetization model that is helpful for news, lifestyle, and entertainment applications. It is a very common feature in premium apps.

In-App Purchases

With the In-App Purchase model, iOS apps contain a sales channel for physical goods like clothes and also for virtual goods like mobile game currency. In terms of revenue, this model will provide you comfort with the possibility of a slight risk. This is ideal for e-commerce. Moreover, the App Store enjoys a part of the share from the turnover achieved by selling the virtual products.

What to Look for in an iOS Development Company?

It’s obvious when you are looking for an iOS development company, it should be such that it will take your business to the next level. In that case, please consider the given points:

ios development

  1. Targeted Audience.
  2. Mobile Platforms
  3. Database
  4. Payment Process.
  5. Security
  6. Design Features.
  7. Concept Proofing
  8. Monetization.

To Sum it Up..

We hope this article covers all the features pertaining to iOS Development. Please follow this blog to get a deep insight into iOS Development. However, feel free to contact us in case of any queries related to this.

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