Most Common Web Hosting Problems & Their Solutions

To give you a reality check, which you may face at the time of hosting your website online. You may come across a particular error message asking you to fix the DNS of your site. You might have another error that says you cannot access your website. The server of your site may be overloaded. The registered email may not work for your domain as you moved to another hosting. Your most natural response would center on how fast you can overhaul the Web Hosting Problems Well, this article brings you some relief for sure as you will get to learn about some easy hacks to outsmart these pitfalls.

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Following are a few of the common web hosting problems that might occur while hosting websites.

  • Slow Website Loading and Navigation Speed

Slow website loading and poor navigation speed occur if the data centers of your Web hosting service provider are misplaced. The data centers should be located near to the website users, to increase the speed of your website. Also, you need to check if your web host provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN). You need to make sure to enable it, to improve the speed.

  • Excessive Cost of a Web Hosting Plan

Web hosting plans cost an enormous amount of capital. However, some other companies provide free hosting services. However, you cannot fully trust the services because your data has a chance of getting hacked by others. Though they cost a considerable amount of money, they fail to secure the data efficiently.

  • Low Level Of Security

The information that is uploaded to your website is often not protected. They have a high chance of getting hacked or there is a probability of data theft. However, usually, others give a false sense of security to their clients to grab the hosting orders.

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Have A Look At The Common Hosting Problems

Often, getting a proper web hosting problems solution is difficult because you might encounter several severe issues. A few of them are as follows:

1. Receiving The “Coming Soon” Page

  • One of the most common problems of web hosting is when you are receiving the “Coming Soon” page. It might arise due to two primary reasons.
  • The web browser that you are using might use an old version of your site.On the other hand, if you upload your site in a wrong place, you might receive this error.

2. Changes To Your Website Are Not Being Displayed

Another error which the users face frequently is when the changes that you have made are not displayed on your website. It may occur due to some changes in the browser settings or due to cache data. Hence, to fix the error, you can first check the settings or remove the cache files.

3. Website Goes Down

If you made any changes to your website, it might bring the site down. It may also happen due to a few more reasons:

  • The hosting service is down.
  • If there are any alterations in the name of the domain, you may face such an issue. Therefore, you need to modify the DNS settings.

4. No Images Are Displayed

Furthermore, you might also encounter issues like the images on the website are either missing or not displayed. If this is the case, then you might not have uploaded the images to your hosting account. You can try to upload them again and check if the error resolves. However, the glitch may also occur if the folder in which the images were uploaded to is wrong.

5. Layout Of The Website Is Off

Lastly, during web hosting, the layout of your website might not appear. A sign appears on your computer screen which indicates that the layout elements are missing. Hence, the site only displays the texts and not the images. It occurs due to a missing CSS file on your website.

Tips To Troubleshoot The Web Hosting Problems
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If you are facing issues while working on the web hosting platform, go through the basic troubleshooting guidelines to fix them immediately:

‘Coming Soon’ Page after uploading your site

To resolve the ‘coming soon’ page error, you need to perform the following steps:
If you are using an old version of the site, you might encounter this issue. Hence, in such cases, you need to clear the cache of your browser.
The issue may also arise if you uploaded the files in the wrong place. Apply the following steps:

  • At first, you need to ensure that your site was uploaded to the right folder within your hosting account.
  • You also need to keep in mind that the directory you are using has a valid ‘index’ file.

Website Went Down

If due to certain changes in the website, it fails to load or goes down, you need to change the domain name or change the DNS settings. However, if you are unable to fix the glitch, it is recommended to take expert help without any delay.

What To Do When No Images Are Displayed?

If the images are not displayed on your website, you need to try the following steps:

  • First, you can try to upload the photos again and check if the error resolves.
  • If the folder in which the images were uploaded is wrong, you need to find out the correct destination.
  • Right-click on the position of the image and then select the ‘Open in new tab’ option. The new tab will then display the URL that you are using.
  • Finally, transfer your images to that directory and check if you are still struggling with the error.

Problems with Shared Hosting –Shared hosting is the most commonly used and popular type of web hosting. However, its popularity doesn’t assure that the system is flawless & can be used by everyone.

Security Concerns  – When a website is hosted on a shared server, there are other sites with which your website will be sharing space & other resources, which is why security issues are an all-time concern. Shared servers are more likely to be targeted by hackers. Any part of the server having malicious activities can affect all the websites associated with the server. So, if any of the sites are affected by a virus, all the other sharing websites will have to bear the consequences. On top of that, if a spammer abuses the hosting company, then with the help of company resources, it can blacklist the DNS by significant email providers which in turn, will not allow some customers to send even the most common emails from their accounts & this renders some customers’ accounts useless.

Performance Issues – Generally, the web host will assign a maximum limit to each account on its server. If a user crosses that limit, e.g., bandwidth limit, resources will be taken from other accounts in the server. This, in turn, will reduce the performance of the websites under the server if there is increased traffic in the sites & the server will suffer from a lack of resources. This can cause poor loading times & lead to response delays as well. Many web hosts sell their shared hosting plans for a very low cost since they crowd hundreds or thousands of websites on the same server. All of the server’s resources such as the RAM & CPU is shared by all the sites, which adds to the poor performance

Software Restrictions – When a website is hosted on a shared server, certain limitations on the software & applications are imposed on the user. The user loses the freedom of installing the software of their choice. Be it an Operating System or security software, you are bound to follow instructions laid down by the web host. Shared hosting is a good choice if you are just starting out on the internet & have a small website that does not receive too much traffic. However, this is limited till you need more resources & flexibility, after which you’ll need to upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated server to overcome performance issues.

Shared Hosting Email Problems

There are quite a few problems associated with sharing email hosting. They are listed right below:

Spammers – With a lot of businessmen who are signing up for email hosting providers, many spammers & scammers are joining too. Literally, every person using email services will encounter spam emails. They generally comprise fake articles, lottery scams & other such shady business schemes.

With many web hosting companies offering packages at dirt cheap rates to stay competitive, this means excellent news to spammers, who could easily send unsolicited emails to unsuspecting users.

IPs & Black Listing – When spam emails are sent out, the IP address of the server gets placed on blacklists by Internet Service Providers. In effect, this will cause any emails that come from blacklisted IP to be bounced back from the company that has its information on their blacklist.

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Web Hosting 101

web hosting 101

Web hosting is a big computer which is known as a server where people store their websites. More often, web hosting refers to the company that rents out their servers to store sites & provides internet connectivity so that other users can have access to the files on your website. There are different types of web hosting such as Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server(VPS) Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting & Cloud Hosting.

A domain name is the name of a website & is usually the first step to creating a site. A domain name is merely a string of characters that gives a website identity. is an example of a domain name.

Some FAQs that You may want to know: 

What are the disadvantages of free Web hosting?

This is one of the most common agreements with free hosting schemes.
Branding Shared. 
There is no customer service.
Joint breakdowns…
Limited pages. … bandwidth restricted. 
Paid upgrades for many features are required.

Is Web Hosting Safe?

The most secure kind of hosting are usually VPS hosting plans and dedicated servers. You want to search SSL, CDN, firewalls and attack protection for all types of hosting. Your host should provide you with a way to obtain compliance with the PCI for e-commerce security.

Is free hosting trustworthy? is not bad for free hosting service, but we suggest that, even if you’re just starting off, you do not waste your time on free hosting. 
There’s plenty of downtimes and no customer support you will have to handle slow charging, and later migrating to another host may be real 

If you are still facing issue 

You can take the help just by informing us at [email protected] or visit to the