Microsoft Surface Pro

Have you just purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro? If the answer is yes, are you very familiar with all the Microsoft Surface Pro Repair facilities that are provided in Dubai? If not, this article will give you a brief idea of how to get them. Note that not all repair shops in Dubai offer the same services. So, be careful about who you visit for assistance.

When it comes to screen replacement or repairs, there are many companies offering their services. But since each of these companies have their unique methods and techniques in screen replacement or repair, it is important to select the right one. The process may vary depending on the condition of your unit. Here are some of the most common types of services in terms of screen replacement in Dubai:

o Screen Replacement- Microsoft offers a number of screen replacement services including recovery of broken screens. The replacement parts include digitizer (the touch screen), digitizer pen, digitizer glass, digitizer frame, and the Touch Lens. This service can be availed by contacting any of the companies in Dubai that deal in screen replacements. Note that most repair shops in Dubai offer this type of service free of charge.

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o Screen Repair- this type of repair can either be done internally by the manufacturing company itself or by hiring the services of a professional company. In either case, the repairing is usually done through the sandblasting of the surface or by sandblasting the surface using an electrical current. Both services are offered by almost all of the repair shops in Dubai. However, note that in case you have a warranty, you should contact the manufacturer for further information.

o Digital Ink Repair – this includes repairs on-screen with faulty digital ink. This is a complicated procedure and requires expert help. You should contact any of the repair shops in Dubai before going ahead with the ink replacement procedure. Note that many of these shops also offer other services including the replacement of digitizer, battery replacement, and laptop repair.

o Screen Shifting Repair – in case you face the problem of the display screen getting shifted or changed, this can be easily remedied by a trained technician at the shop. This process involves the replacement of one screen with another one. The replacement process can be done for Surface Pro or for any other regular Microsoft device including Xbox 360, Play station, etc. Note that, in many cases, the repair shops also offer other services apart from screen shifting or replacement. These include repair of the speakers, keyboard, touch screen, etc.

o Laptop Repair – in case you are looking to repair your laptop, you can take help from a professional. There are some experienced technicians available in Dubai who can carry out Surface Pro laptop repair processes. Note that many of these technicians offer other services apart from laptop repair. These include repairs of the keyboard, screen, etc. Moreover, many of these companies offer free consultation or advice on any of the Microsoft products. These companies also offer free technical support to their customers, in case they face problems with their Microsoft Surface Pro or any other Microsoft product.

o Warranties and Service Agreement – it is always beneficial to understand the terms and conditions of the warranty and service agreement. Many of the companies which offer such services in Dubai provide extended warranty for their customers against defects in materials and workmanship. At the same time, such companies also offer one-year or unlimited repair warranties. It is advisable to choose such companies which offer services in line with your needs. In case you have problems with your Microsoft Surface Pro, opting for the right repair company will be beneficial for you.