one ui 3.0

Samsung is waiting for Google to release Android 11 in its Pixel smartphones. Reports say that Samsung has already started the early development of the User Interface of Android 11. Tech experts noticed that the latest Galaxy smartphones have the references for Android 11. The Galaxy One user-interface will be version 3.0. 

Before the launch of One UI 3.0, the mobile giant has to settle major updates of One UI 2.5. But, first, there are few flagship smartphones like Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold, and Galaxy Tablet S7 that will get the One UI 2.5. After that, people will be able to get the complete One UI 3.0. 

Bad News for Samsung Users?

Yes, there is a new for all the Samsung flagship phone users, which is not at all comforting for them. The Galaxy One UI 2.5 has incorporated irritating ads in it. While working with the device, various types of ads will pop up on the screen that will hamper the working process. 

Unfortunately, the next release of Samsung One UI will also contain ads. The ads are visible on the lock screen where people set their lock screen wallpaper with trending stories. However, Samsung is looking forward to resolving the issue. 

One UI 3.0 in Android 11 Beta Program

Apart from the release of One UI 3.0, users are much curious about the Android beta program. But, Samsung cannot proceed unless and until Google doesn’t complete developing and testing the OS. So, there is no positive news about Samsung to start the beta program. 

Samsung is also planning to introduce One UI 3.0 with the beta program of Android 11. All the latest flagship smartphones will get the One UI 3.0 update. Experts say that there are also a few old smartphones that can get the Galaxy One UI 3.0. But, it is not at all a definite news that those devices will get the update of Android 11 or not. So, all we have to do is wait!