Error 0x80004005


Microsoft, similar to other renowned brands, is also susceptible to damage and internal glitches. Of course, the delivery of services is promising thereby maintaining a certain standard. But, the issues are common in every such electronic device. One of the specific problems is the error 0x80004005 which most Microsoft computers display.

Furthermore, this particular code appears when the users fail to access Virtual Machines, Drives, Shared Folders, as well as during the failure of Windows update installation. There are several reasons for which such alpha-numeric error codes appear. And, it is necessary to know them for effective troubleshooting. Therefore, stick to the underlying section to know more about this specific malfunction.Error 0x80004005

The Situations in which the Error 0x80004005 Appears

The particular problem is, basically, an unspecified error. And now that you are aware of the error and know what it is, have a glimpse of the situations in which the error appears. Noting them down makes the process of troubleshooting easier as well as quicker. That is because you tend to emphasize those sections which are the probable root causes.

The error 0x80004005 manifests when a file which the WPA or Windows Product Activation needs is either missing or damaged. However, there are two conditions for the manifestation of such behavior. The following are the two circumstances which you must be aware of.

  • If an antivirus application or a third-party backup utility conflicts with the process of Windows installation.
  • If a file that WPA demands is modified manually.

Now, you can head to the successive section which discusses more the problem. Also, it renders a detailed discussion regarding the causes of the issue.

The Reasons for the Error 0x80004005

As mentioned earlier, the error is, essentially, an unspecified error. Of course, the problem is a troublesome one for the users. And the immediate step that they take is searching for solutions.

But, before that, one must know certain things and the indications that the error code tries to convey. However, stick through to know all the possible causes for which the error 0x80004005 appears.

Windows 10 Update

The problem is highly specific to the Windows version 10 and tends to trigger the error when one attempts to download an update. And this generally indicates that the update files are faulty as well as corrupt. Usually, Microsoft detects this error and is able to troubleshoot it within just a week. However, there are some other causes which bring forth the problem.

Microsoft Outlook Error

This error manifests in Windows 7 as well as 10 and appears when a fresh message arrives through the application for Outlook. To be specific, the error presents a message which says that there was a failure in the operation and the receiving and sending actions triggered the error 0x80004005.

Registry Key Error

A particular problem in the Registry Key impacts several applications and is challenging to determine the root cause for this error. In general, the error of a virtual machine or while attempting to access the shared folders triggers this complication.

Corrupted .dll File

Different file formats stand for different things. A file format of .dll is, basically, a dynamic link library. Essentially, it is a library which holds codes as well as data which is employed by one program at a particular time. However, if this is the cause, an immediate fix is necessary. That is because it has the potential to make several programs and applications malfunction at a time.

Now, that you are completely aware of the major causes, the instructions to troubleshoot the error 0x80004005 follows in the next section.

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Effective Solutions to Resolve the Error 0x80004005

Any error which users encounter tends to annoy them since it puts a hold on their otherwise seamless workflow. In order to resume their work, the users tend to seek quick solutions to fix it. And, this section provides a detailed discussion regarding several procedures for effective troubleshooting.

The solution methods are based on their probable causes which we have discussed earlier. So, knowing the reasons for the error to appear is mandatory. Or else, simply hitting irrelevant areas will not fix any issue. Therefore, read along and adhere to the underlying thorough guidance.

Procedure 1: Windows 10 Update

If an outdated OS is the reason for the error message to appear, then we can say that the problem can easily be treated. Windows Update Control Panel is the element which brings up the problem. Therefore, just downloading and installing 10 from the official website of Microsoft can troubleshoot the error entirely.

Procedure 2: For Treating The Microsoft Outlook Error

If the reason behind the error 0x80004005 is Outlook, and you happen to operate this app on a daily basis, a quick fix is what you’d want. That is because it is impossible to receive as well as send emails with this problem lingering. However, there are two ways in which one can troubleshoot it comprehensively.

Disable the Blocking Feature of Antivirus

If an antivirus presents a false report regarding the system, it gives rise to this problem. In case you have an antimalware software in the computer system, proceed to disable the software first. Now, once you have disabled it, make sure to see if the Outlook processes properly.

After that, if it does work, head to report this matter to the developer for the software. However, there is an obvious disadvantage that the system loses its security and is vulnerable to attack. But, the developer must be able to troubleshoot it within a few days.

Disable Notifications of New Mail

In case the computer system does not hold an antimalware application, proceed to disable the Outlook notification of delivering new emails. In order to do this, launch the Outlook application and locate the Tools menu present in the menu bar. Click on the Options and then choose Preferences from there.

After that, select the Email Options and untick the item that is titled Display a notification message during the arrival of a new mail. Finally, click on OK and you don’t receive any new email. So, the error 0x80004005 doesn’t flash anymore.

Procedure 3: Registry Key Error

A registry key is similar to that of a folder present in Windows OS. The registry key holding any error impacts many programs. In order to resolve it, begin with launching the Run dialog box. For this, press and hold Windows key as well as the R key in unison.

In the box, type in ‘Regedit’ and then click on OK. Now, this allows you to launch the Registry Editor. After that, once you are in the Registry Editor, enter the command:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

In this step, you are basically inspecting if the registry key is present already. If that is the case, make sure to delete this and evaluate if the error persists. This process of deleting the registry key must troubleshoot the error 0x80004005.

Procedure 4: Fix Corrupt .dll File

This complication that Microsoft systems bring about impacts the functionality of various applications. Therefore, it is mandatory that you resolve it immediately. Also, the procedure is extremely convenient to troubleshoot with efficiency. For this, adhere to the following steps which can ease the problem and resolve it.

  • Firstly, head to the Start menu and then proceed to All Programs. Then, go to the Accessories and then over to the System Tools.
  • After that, select the Disk Cleanup. There, instructions point out the files which one can delete and the amount of space that you can free.
  • Select the Temporary Internet Files and then click on the button for Clean up system files.

However, even though a faulty .dll file is a complex issue, simply cleaning the system files tends to troubleshoot the entire issue.

Retrieving Lost Data

An essential fact that users must bear in mind is that during the flashing of the error 0x80004005, is that data may be vulnerable. Now, such a scenario is troublesome and disastrous. Therefore, one must keep away from losing significant information. However, you must get hold of it on time or else you tend to lose most of the files. So, make sure to look out for this side effect of the troubleshooting process.

Furthermore, there is numerous software available in the market for treating this particular complication. For this, you must constantly check and inspect the files on a regular basis immediately after observing this error. Also, conduct a regular lost-data scan. Doing this reduces the risk of losing essential information.

Wrapping up

The error 0x80004005 is one of the common complaints of users. And during such a complication, the regular workflow is hampered and ceases the productivity. This makes the users seek the solution in order to resolve it so as to continue with the earlier work. But, as said before, prior to attending something, make sure to know well about the problem.

Also, make sure to note down the reasons which induce such a problem. In this way, you can speed up the entire process of troubleshooting since you know where to target in order to have it fixed.

We suggest you try your hands primarily on this problem attempting every possible solution. This saves money and time since you can resolve the problem on your own. However, in case the error 0x80004005 keeps on flashing, then make sure to consult experts immediately. In this way, you can resolve it with no hassle at all.