WPX Hosting Black Friday

The WPX web hosting service is one of the best web hosting providers over the internet. You can avail its services at a reasonable rate. Moreover, this web hosting service provides users with an effective WordPress platform that comes with maximum flexibility. Recently they are offering some attractive discounts with valuable apps. Here, we are going to discuss the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2019 that comes packed with extraordinary facilities.WPX Hosting Black Friday

Why should you Choose the WPX Hosting Service?

From different aspects, the WPX Hosting service is unique and perfect for business deals. Moreover, the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2019  and its incredible features make this service extraordinary to the users.

  • Instant Customer Support

WPX hosting team is very responsive who always try to give a real-time response. Moreover, they are always ready to provide you the best service with feasible solutions within a short period of time (28 seconds approx).

  • Free SSL Certificates

WPX Hosting service offers free Google Sponsored SSL certificates that are very easy to install. Moreover, you can activate it within a few seconds without any technical hassle.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

WPX hosting plan offers a WordPress Hosting service that you can avail at a reasonable rate. Moreover, you can choose different plans as per your requirements. However, you can avail this service for a limited timeframe.

  • Site Speed & Regular Backups

The popular WPX provides an excellent service that dramatically enhances the website speed. So, you can enhance the business website performance that helps to gain an ultimate profit. Besides this, it stores the data that you can retrieve and reuse if necessary in the future.

  • 24*7 Service

WPX Hosting easily impresses customers by providing with 24*7 reliable services. Moreover, the technical support team for WPX transfers the blogs and resolve any issues related to it very effectively. Even, they are experienced enough to fix any web host related issue within a short period of time without compromising on the accuracy. Furthermore, you can avail this on-time support at a low cost.

What are the Best WPX Web Hosting Black Friday Deals?

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2019 offers two different kinds of schemes that include two attractive discounts. Here, we are going to discuss them briefly that will help you choose the best one as per your requirement.WPX Hosting Black Friday deal 2019

Deal 1: 95% OFF on First Month

This Web Hosting scheme is very beneficial for monthly users. The users who want to avail the web hosting services on a monthly basis will be benefited through this extraordinary offer. Moreover, you can grab this 95% discount on all plans including the free CDN service. However, you need to go through the plans and maintain the terms & conditions. Remember, this plan is valid only for the first month of web hosting. So, it is the best opportunity for the new hosting buyers and one of the fruitful Black Friday deal for the users.

Deal 2: Three Months Free on Annual Subscription Scheme

This extensible scheme is awesome for the existing users, though it is also a trial offer for the new customers. It is one of the facilities that you can avail only on the annual subscriptions. So, you can easily grab it at the time of renewal of the subscription. Therefore, you can access the web hosting service absolutely free for the first 3 months of the subscription scheme. So, this valuable scheme is fruitful both for new and existing buyers.

So, both of the deals are very beneficial for the WPX Web Hosting buyers. But, if you recharge the Web Hosting with the Annual Subscription charge, then you can avail the trial session for the first three months under the WPX Web Hosting terms and conditions. Again, you can fix any Web Hosting regarding issue without paying under this scheme.

Easy Process to Sign Up for WPX Web Hosting

  1. Type the WPX web address “WPXHosting.com” and hit the Enter key to launch the website.
  2. Hit the Start Now button and open the account section.
  3. In this page, you can see different plans are shown with their brief descriptions. Choose the Business Plan if you want to use the Web Hosting service for your brand promotion.
  4. Next, choose the appropriate region for your online business hosting service. The WPX provides this hosting services only for 2 locations- UK and USA.
  5. Then, click on the HOST MY WEBSITE IN button and go to the next window.
  6. Now, you need to buy a new domain for a web hosting service. The WPX offers free domain migration service for its customers. Moreover, your site will be activated within 24 hours from the opening the account.
  7. After that, choose a perfect domain name and nameservers from the next window and click the Continue button to confirm it.
  8. Then, select the billing cycle and complete the payment method to select the Black Friday deal coupon.
  9. When done, an e-receipt will be generated automatically on the new window and you might save it until it becomes invalid.

How to Avail WPX Hosting Black Friday Coupon Code: Simple StepsWPX Hosting Black Friday

  1. Connect your device to the internet and launch the browser window.
  2. Now, search for WPX Web Hosting website or directly type the URL “wpxhosting.com” in the search to launch that window.
  3. Tap on the Start Now to see the plan and prices which it offers.
  4. Choose any of the Hosting plans as per your convenience and go to the next page.
  5. Next, if you are a new buyer, then register with correct credentials or click on the Existing User tab if you are already a domain owner.
  6. Select the Billing Cycle either Monthly or Yearly. Here, you can see the available discount as per the selective plan.
  7. Then, enter the appropriate coupon code for Friday Black Sale into the Coupon box and avail the 50% off on the total amount.
  8. Next, proceed to the Cart. You need to pay half of the invoice when the given code is applicable.
  9. Finally, you can see the Order Summary display on the screen that you might save as the future receipt.

Which Plan is Right for You: Decide Quickly

There are three different plans you can see in the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2019 offer section. It deals with various aspects and you might select them appropriately as per your convenience.


It is the best plan for the beginners and it is the most basic plan for the new users. If you have a few business websites, numbering less than 5, then it is perfect for your business. Furthermore, we recommend you to avail this plan because of its migration strategy, If you grab this offer you can shift to other plans at any time for your convenience.


Professional plan is a good choice for professional bloggers. It is one of the intermediate plans that is impossible to handle by the beginners. So, if you have more than 10-12 WordPress websites then it is the best-suited plan for you.


If you are an expert on blogging and handling multiple WordPress websites, the Elite plan is perfect for you. Moreover, if you control high web-traffic on your business website, then you can consider using this plan. Furthermore, if you are an existing user of the above two plans, then you can avail this scheme without thinking more.

The Bottom Line

In the above article, we have mentioned the importance of the WPX Web Hosting service by focusing on different areas. Moreover, we have discussed briefly on the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2019 with its benefits. Furthermore, we have defined the steps on how to avail this service without any technical hassles. So, we hope this article will be helpful for the new users as well as the WPX existing users to use the discount coupon code and avail the best affordable web hosting service.


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